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Slot machine for SALE – “Casino”

  Casino Themed online slot game Perfectly executed graphics and intriguing animation, a lot of gold and glitter, traditional casino colors – red and black combined with gold, a convenient and understandable control panel for everyone – everything that will not only intrigue, but also attract everyone with special interest to […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Siberian Tiger”

  Tigers Themed online slot game What do you know about Siberian tigers? Have you ever seen them? In general, the tiger has several names – Ussuri, aka the Amur tiger, or else it is called the Far Eastern tiger, and foreigners call it Siberian – in honor of the region […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Monsters Band”

  Monsters Themed online slot game We are presented with an incredibly interesting fantastic slot Monsters Band, which is based on the animated series of the same name. This exciting game will allow you to plunge into the world of intergalactic space in the company of terrible monsters. The bright and […]

Wildscreen Backgrounds

These Wildscreen backgrounds were developed for a casual game that included many levels and locations. For a closer look, we “cut” them into pieces. So, begin:   Here is a night background, where we see a hilly land with green grass, a calm blue river, beautiful plantings, blooming sakura, a […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Bima X”

  Bima Themed online slot game “The evil organization VUDO came from a parallel universe to steal the natural resources of the Earth. Ray, a young man from Earth, was chosen as a hero to defend Earth from the attacks of the evil invaders. Vudo seeks to steal resources or lands, […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Wild Heist”

  Heist Themed online slot game What do we know about high-profile bank robberies? Basically, they are carefully and long planned and done at night. In order to get into the vault, it is necessary to deceive the system, crack the security code to open the door to the “treasury”. The slot […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Foxy Force 5”

    Foxy Themed online slot game What do we know about spy and spy games? Most spy games are based on one thing – heist. What do we know about the robbery? It is always money and risks. We invite you to plunge into the world of cunning and fearless “fox” […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Wild Wild West”

  Cowboy Themed online slot game Who hasn’t heard of the Wild West? We have all heard a lot about the Wild West from American Westerns, many people love and watch them with pleasure. Probably even the smallest ones know who cowboys are. You had an excellent chance not only to be […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Jelly 777”

Sweets Themed online slot game We all love gummies. And the presented Jelly 777 slot was created by our creative designers, inspired by these sweets. It turned out very bright, tasty and creative. Spectacular graphics and a variety of colors attract attention even more. Jelly 777  slot is a fun, easy and at […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Crazy Farmer”

  Farm Themed online slot game It is the “Crazy Farmer” slot that will take you away from the bustle of the city and immerse you in the rhythm of life with a real flavor of agriculture. You will feel like a real farmer with an abundance of juicy harvest. Thanks […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Magic Bottle”

  Aladdin Themed online slot game A wonderful lamp with a genie imprisoned in it, fulfilling wishes. The vizier of Sultan Agrabah Jafar has been trying to find her for a long time, and only one will be lucky enough to become the owner of a magic lamp. This fairy tale […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Sevens & Flying Brush”

  Classic Themed online slot game Slot “Sevens & Flying Brush” will allow you to experience the bright and unforgettable moments of the game of all times. Bright colors and excellent graphics will appeal to everyone and will allow you to enjoy the game as much as possible and with special […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Fairy Twins”

  Fairy Themed online slot game This game is designed so bright and fabulously that you immediately plunge into a fabulous and magical mysterious forest world and live it with great interest. Therefore, if you want to immerse yourself in the incredibly fabulous and mysterious world of the forest with its […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Jungle Races”

  Jungle Themed online slot game We offer you to feel all the charm of the game in the world of wildlife and animals with the slot “Jungle Races”, which is made especially bright, interesting, lively and cartoonish, bringing us as close as possible to natural reality and colorful animals. The loading […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Napoleon”

  Napoleon Themed online slot game This online slot game is based on real events during Napoleon’s Egyptian expansion to seize territories. The idea of the expedition was associated with the desire of the French bourgeoisie to compete with the English, which at that moment was actively asserting its influence in […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Pirates Treasure”

  Pirates Themed online slot game If someone has decided to hide their treasures away from enemies, then these secrets are not kept for long, and even the most desolate land awaits guests. It is in search of adventure that the brave conquerors of the seas go in order to obtain […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Pizza Party”

  Pizza Themed online slot game Pizza has a thousand-year history. It is still unknown who came up with this recipe. Historians are still arguing about who could become the creator of pizza, but no one came to a consensus. Nowadays, pizza is considered to be an Italian dish. There are […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Cars & Gamble”

  Cars Themed online slot game On thepicrure above we see the game reel of the slot “Cars & Gamble” in the form of an original titanium frame with wooden inserts at the upper corners, with glowing neon LEDs on the sides and a brightly decorated control panel below. In the […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Sigma Gold”

  Chinese Themed online slot game In this slot game, the reels are made on a red background. From two opposite sides of the wooden frame, golden dragons that always on guard and ready to fight for the treasures entrusted to them, look at us. Different symbols are depicted on the game […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Neverland”

  Neverland Themed online slot game The first picture of the slot presents to our attention the wooden side of the ship against the background of the entrance to the harbor. Above the logo, parts of the maps are visible, which possibly depict the exact burial place of the treasure. As expected, […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Zorro”

  Zorro Themed online slot game The world learns about Zorro for the first time in 1919, when Johnston McCully publishes The Curse of Capistrano. The character was so fond of the people that the writer devotes a whole cycle of novels to him, where he describes in detail the life of […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Fire Department”

Firemen Themed online slot game If you remember our childhood, then we all dreamed of who we would become when we grow up. Someone dreamed of becoming a doctor, someone a teacher, a policeman, and someone a firefighter. Surely, the coolest industry was considered the one thanks to which it was […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Football Match”

Football Themed online slot game Football is a game in which the team spirit and sports skills of each player are manifested. This game is not for cowards; it teaches discipline and endurance. There is probably no person who has not watched or played football at all. Surely, in your free […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Carnival of Venice”

  Carnival Themed online slot game Venice is known all over the world for its traditional annual carnivals. The idea of holding the Venice Carnival belonged to the nobles, they really wanted “Bread and circuses”, as in ancient Rome. The first mention of it falls on the end of the 11th […]