Slot machine for SALE – “Mysterious Pharaoh”

Slot machine for SALE – “Mysterious Pharaoh”




Egyptian Themed online slot game

Mysterious Pharaoh slot is very beautiful, ambiguous in terms of the set of symbols and the ruler of Egypt. First of all, what attracts the player’s attention is the abundance of gold and precious stones, which dazzles and accompanies the player from start to finish. Here is the holy of holies – the treasury of Egypt with its ancient symbols, which personifies health, luck, wealth and glory. In general, every player will definitely be able to get imbued with the game, moreover, try his luck with the possibility of a good win and increasing his deposit. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

On the first screen, there is a reel in the form of a large stone slab with symbols on it. At the top of the reels there is the gold logo “Mysterious Pharaoh”. The reels are visually divided into five identical columns, in which symbols of all categories are presented. At the bottom there is a control panel, the basis of which is a stone slab with the same inscriptions and symbols as the main plate. On the control panel there are cells of balance, messages, bets and winnings, rectangular in gold frames, as well as additional navigation buttons. There is a round red SPIN button in the right corner with a gold shiny outline.


This is the main background of the slot. On the picture we see the Egyptian desert with a sphinx and pyramids on the sides. Yellow sand dunes recede into the distance, connecting beyond the horizon with a blue cloudy sky and a bright sun on it, slightly overcast.



On the second background, we see the desert, on which the same pyramid of Cheops and the statue of the Sphinx are located, which are shrouded in thick clouds of a sandstorm. The gray-blue sky, through which the sun shines through, is covered with white clouds.



All symbols of the game belonging to all categories are presented on the screen. At the top here are the symbols of the category High in square gold frames. The first one is a stone column with colored paintings in the form of an opening flower. The second symbol is the Cheops pyramid. The third symbol is the Sphinx statue.
The second row. The symbols are presented in round frames with a gold rim. The first is a chest with paintings and jewelry. The second is a black dog. The third is the image of a queen with a headdress and a necklace. The fourth is the image of the Pharaoh made of gold. The fifth is the sarcophagus of the Pharaoh.
The bottom row is symbols made of gold. The first is Ankh, the second is the scarab beetle, the third is the golden bird, the fourth is the eye of the god Horus, the fifth is a snake supplemented with precious stones.


Animation of symbols of the category High. A pillar of stone in the form of a flower and a pyramid of Cheops are animated in the same style, like a frame receding into the distance. The tree shimmers with gold, and sand seems to be crumbling from the pyramid. The Sphinx statue is illuminated with bright lightning in the back, and shimmers and flickers in front.


Five symbols of the category middle. All of them have a unique background that is illuminated diagonally with shimmer and gilding. During the animation, the chest shimmers with gold on the surface, the dog lies, twitching its paw and wiggling its ears. The queen waves her head slightly left and right, and her headdress with stones shimmers. The image of the pharaoh is illuminated and shimmered in places of precious stones and gold, and the pharaoh’s sarcophagus is highlighted and shimmers along its entire length.


Animation of all gold symbols. A diagonal flare passes through the symbol Ankh. In its middle we can see a bird that is flapping with its wings. The scarab beetle moves its limbs and wings, gems move above and below it. A diagonal bird, slightly twitching its tail, shimmers and glitters with gold. The Eye of Horus in the place of the pupil is illuminated and shimmers, and the snake shimmers diagonally in gold, and its precious stones sparkle in motion.



PAYTABLE. In the middle of the screen, on a stone slab with the symbols of Egypt, there is a table of payments, on which there are three symbols of the category High, under which there is their quantitative value and next to them – the amount of payments for each. At the top of the stone slab is the title of the screen in blue gradient letters PAYTABLE. At the top right is a red round cross. And below, in a lilac rectangle with a gold frame, is the page numbering.



The following paytable is presented on the same stone slab. Here are the symbols of the middle category in round frames. Near each there is a quantitative value and next to it – the amount of payments for each. At the top is the PAYTABLE title and on the right is a red cross. The page switcher is placed at the bottom.



The last page of the paytable with five gold symbols. Here is a quantitative value under each symbol and next to it – the amount of payments.



First greeting screen. On the background of the main reel of the slot, there is a rectangular window with a gold frame, inside which there is an inscription Congratulations in bright red letters. It says here that you are entering the free spins game. At the bottom there is a red OK button with a gold border, designed similar to SPIN button.



A congratulatory pop-up on a lilac background in the form of a rectangular gold frame. In the center there is an inscription in red letters – “Сongratulations”. It says below that you have won an amount of money from the free spins game.



Congratulatory inscription on a lilac background. In the center in red letters there is an inscription – “Congratulations”. This pop-up tells you that you are entering the bonus game.



The final congratulatory pop-up reveals that you won $5000 from the bonus game. The red round OK button is placed at the bottom.