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We're glad to welcome you in our company's blog! Here we place the most fresh and interesting news, which inform about the development progress of slot machine graphics for the online casino and offline terminals, AWP terminals and VLT terminals. You can see the process of creating the slot machines from the sketches to 2D and 3D games, take a look at the stages of modeling, as well as enjoy the final version of the thematic objects and elements of our slot machine graphic. All this and much more we will present in the form of illustrations, and you will have the opportunity to express your opinion in the comments. Follow us!


Slot machine for SALE – “Aztec Temple”

Aztec Temple Temple Major or «Aztec Temple», sometimes called the pyramid of Huitzilopochtli, a complex of iconic structures in the capital of the Aztec state of Tenochtitlan. There was a tunnel maze in the dungeon. Inside the cave in the very center was a sacrificial altar, where ritual rites, animal […]

Slot machine for SALE – “World of Unicorn”

World of Unicorn A unicorn is a mythical creature that since ancient times has been described as a hoofed animal or horse with a pointed spiral horn in its forehead. This horse was often painted white, with a long horn and cloven hooves. In the Middle Ages, he was described […]

How to attract the target audience in online casinos: types of affiliates that you need to know

Attracting players to online casinos is not easy. You will need a reliable source of not just traffic, but traffic that will later turn into loyal players. Partnership programmes are the most common and effective way to do this.   How to attract the target audience in online casinos: types […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Book of Treasures”

Book of Treasures In the heart of the jungle, amidst the ancient ruins of the Maya civilization, lies a mysterious bridge guarded by fearsome crocodiles. The jungle is filled with adventure and hidden treasures, with masks and idols scattered among ancient stones. The shaman of the jungle watches over the […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Sweet & Spins”

Sweet & Spins Sweets and desserts are always relevant. All people on the planet love to eat sweet dishes, whether cake, cheesecake, cupcake, muffin or a simple lollipop. Tastes are so diverse, ranging from the most sugary sweet to the most tart and saturated. For example, take a salty caramel […]

How to Play Slot Machines Most Effectively

Players who want to increase their chances at slots try a variety of strategies and tactics. But professional players believe that you need to follow some rules. They will teach you how to play the game, and also make gambling more effective and interesting.   How to play the machines? […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Lucky Fishing”

Lucky Fishing Beautiful sunny day, the sea is quiet and calm, fishing vessel has already arrived at the destination. At this time of year, it is best to do fishing or just leave the rod at your pleasure. Flocks of small fish circle around the boat, round and flat, elongated […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Temple of Zeus”

Temple of Zeus In ancient Greek mythology, Olympus is considered a sacred mountain, the seat of the gods led by Zeus. In honor of this gods are called Olympians. On the northern slope of the temple is a sacred city-sanctuary – Dion, or the city of the Tsar. According to […]

Slot machine for SALE – “China Holidays”

China Holidays Each of the Chinese holidays is rich in traditions and culture of the country. Colorful New Year or Tree Planting Day, or possibly Qingming or a normal Work Day. All these celebrations take place on the lunar calendar. Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, since ancient times is […]

Where do the players go? Reasons for players leaving the casino

It’s cheaper to keep players than to find new ones. 20% of the base of players abroad generates 80% of profits – this ratio demonstrates how important it is to work with existing players, and not just with new ones. In this article we will talk about the main reasons […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Demon Fortune”

Demon Fortune The curvature of space and the magic ritual summons all underground demons and devils. Led by the eldest damned fallen angel, the lower entities teleport to Earth. At the darkest hour of the day on the lunar calendar, this foggy night will become the afterlife for sinful souls. […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Bank Robbery”

Bank Robbery   That night, some outlaws escaped from prison. They decided to rob the main bank in the heart of the city. The police received a request to shoot at the grand bank. The police squad went to the crime scene. Mobsters Bobby and Charlie have already been arrested […]

Why is mobile casino so popular?

Modern gambling world has long passed to the Internet. It is in the online gamblers make bets, try to hit the jackpot and just run the machines for fun. But even now, players prefer not to sit behind computers, but to play from the phone. The mobile casino version is […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Gold of Olympus”

Gold of Olympus   Olympus is a historical, mythological and natural symbol of Greece. According to well-known myths and legends, the mountain range was the seat of the main Olympic gods led by a thunderbolt. On Greek Olympus the kingdoms of following deities were located. Hera, Athena, Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, […]

Slot machine for SALE – “The Bombuster”

The Bombuster The simplest and most uncomplicated slot game «The Bombuster» waiting for their players. Simple, sparkling game symbols fill the slot reel. With the first explosion of the bomb, you can hear the sound of coins falling. Juicy ripe orange and fruit basket with grapes load and give vitamin […]

Shine and Luxury – 5 World’s Most Luxury Casinos

In these Casinos, for sure, at least once wanted to visit every avid player. After all, these institutions amaze luxury, splendour and wealth. We offers a small tour of 5 of the most chic gaming establishments in the world.   Bellagio This is an impeccable casino hotel that was built in […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Girls of Fortune”

  Girls of Fortune Now that Japanese culture is becoming more and more popular, many young women are trying to embody the ideal Japanese woman as they understand it. Our designers have developed a special slot on this Theme. The very existence of Geishas is marked by a multitude of […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Golden China”

  Chinese Themed online slot game Chinese culture, one of the oldest and most original in the world. It has had a great influence on the cultural development of numerous neighbouring peoples. China is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world, and perhaps the only one where the […]

ICE London 2024

Future of the Game: ICE London 2024. This year, ICE London, the world’s largest gambling conference, ended its historic presence in the British capital and will move to Barcelona in 2025. ICE Totally Gaming represents the entire gaming industry spanning terrestrial and online channels across all sectors. ICE is a […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Super Fishing”

  Fishing Themed online slot game Fishing is an opportunity to prove yourself, enjoy a quiet rest and get bright emotions from the catch. That is why Slotopaint for those who love «silent hunting» has released the slot machine “Super Fishing”. It is dedicated to the favorite male theme and has […]

Oktoberfest Fresh

    One of the brightest events of autumn – the German folk festival «Oktoberfest», a large-scale holiday where people drink foam and have fun. Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival. It takes place in the capital of Bavaria (Munich) starting in the second half of September and lasting more […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Magic Maya”

  Mayan Themed online slot game The ancient «Magic Maya» slot game is sacred and mystical. One of the famous Mayan rituals was sacrifice. Human blood played a special role in the Aztecs. On the extant up to now various household items and tools, we can talk about a specific ritual of […]


This online slot machine is called “Devils” and, as the name implies, it is associated with the devil and the fiery valleys of hell. The game features fireballs! Get ready to crush the reels and light yourself up with the fire of victory!» The game was developed by Slotopaint professionals, who […]

How to increase the RTP (return to player) to 99%?

In playing slots, there is such a thing as RTP (return to player). It denotes a certain amount that the slot returns to player after a certain period of play. This amount may be less than the deposit spent, or more. In every online slot machine, this phenomenon is natural: […]