Slot machine for SALE – “Aladdin’s Loot”

Slot machine for SALE – “Aladdin’s Loot”




Aladdin’s Loot

In the hot slot «Aladdin’s loot», we will meet poor young bum Aladdin and his friends. A rogue scumbag rode in the alleys of town with his monkey and stole all sorts of trinkets and food. He meets the vizier at random and agrees to help him get a wonderful oil lamp. But the cunning sorcerer tricked the boy and Aladdin is stuck in a cave trap. From this cave of sand, comes the story of the acquaintance of Jin and Aladdin. The lamp slave willingly helps the boy to achieve what he wants. He makes a thief a wealthy merchant from distant lands and helps win the heart of Princess Jasmine. But the traitor Jafar, once again, tricked the trusting boy and forcibly took the magic lamp. Our hero friends will now face the almighty sorcerer, return Agrabah to its rightful owner, and defend the honor of being the best suitor for the princess. Let’s spin the drum and beat the bad vizier. With a carpet airplane, we’ll create a clever and favorable combination, and get the love and her father out of jail. The monkey will steal the lamp and summon a genie to help his master. The fairy-tale lines will line up, and the enemy will be defeated and deprived of its magic power. At the end of the road and a series of incredible events, make a last wish and give the genie freedom with a bonus level. Aladdin will become the rightful prince and get the power of all free spins. Once you rub the lamp and start playing «Aladdin’s loot». If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The fairy-tale reel is filled with characters and magic symbols. The princess is trapped in the tower, languishing and waiting for her savior. On the carpet-plane you can see traces of magic. In clear rows there are all reliable, friendly symbols and signs. The control panel of the automaton shimmers from below. Crystal «spin» starts the reel and spins friends and enemies. On colored velvet pillows, embroidered the names of keys. A bright maximum bet, the best gift favorite. In separate windows hidden balance and Aladdin win. The bets can be changed using the genie’s magic abilities.



The main background is represented by a fictional strange Agrabah. At the end of the day, in the chambers lights are lit and tell stories «a thousand and one night». In the highest tower hides the vizier and plots a crime. Around the castle is a commercial square, along which a young hero walks in search of adventure. To the pier moored overseas ships and brought outlandish goods. In the back yard of the kingdom spread a flowering garden. High palm trees are growing everywhere. On the top of the cliff, an Arab elder is sitting and praying. The busy evening of the fictional state, foreshadows the approach of bright events and impressionable actions.



The additional background: Jasmine room has a cosy atmosphere. Colorful satin bedspreads, Persian carpets and silk garments. There are a lot of pillows scattered around the playing table. The chess game has not yet been played. Suspended lanterns illuminate the whole beauty of the room. Fresh water and sparkling wine are gathered in the pitchers. The princess has put on the best outfit and is waiting for Aladdin to visit. A faithful tiger is napping in the middle of the room. The peacock opens its tail and heralds new miracles.



High slot symbols: wild nature of Princess Jasmine is so eager to come out to replace other symbols of the combinations, except the expensive ones. Hair trembles her curls and unravels the objects of the kingdom. An evil kidnapper, a hermit and a thief, sharpened his daggers and plotted evil. He holds a bonus level. The «scatter» symbol represents the whole kingdom. The High Chambers and the spacious halls prophesy the approach of free spins.

Regular symbols: The symbol of Aladdin in street rags and tsar clothes. This kid is not a miss, he has a twisting fate. He’s got a thousand brave feats ahead of him on the road to his cherished goal. Best friend and a blue wizard, comes out of the lamp and begins to work miracles and fulfill the master’s three wishes. Monkey Abu, always near the hero. He is cunning and nimble, grabs everything that glitters and smells delicious. Jago the Deputy Vizier’s parrot has decided to change sides and help our heroes. He is pulling the keys to the dungeon to release the Sultan. Beloved tiger Jasmine, named Raja strong and courageous, always protects his mistress from bad people. The magic lamp emits smoke after rubbing. Its golden sides begin to shine and heat up, after which the gin appears. Sands of time or a sand clock will show how many grains of sand are left until the end of the task. A candy merchant’s tent. So many delicious aromatic jerky fruits and a variety of nuts. And also sweet baklava and halva. A magic carpet that understands everything and flies fast serves the good and hates betrayal.



Impressively animated characters. Bonus villain waves daggers and smirks at the princess’s request. The princess pondered about something wild and unbridled. A flock of migratory birds flew around the kingdom and scattered symbols along the lines. Aladdin transforms himself into a prince. Jin laughs loudly and swells to a colossal size. Abu stole a gold coin from the thief. Jago flies to help with the keys in his paws. The tiger picked a beautiful white flower and handed it to the princess. The genie flies out of the lamp and time freezes. The hourglass burst and the contents poured out. The carpet flies to the rescue like a fast rocket.





The “arabic” paytables describe the value of the elite symbols and characters, and all the prizes they give the player. Each magic symbol is written in terms of the number in the lines and the profit that brings the owner.





On the congratulatory screens we can see a new miracle. A gift from Aladdin, an additional bonus level or the opening of the free spin game. Thanks to these prizes, you can multiply the already accumulated wealth and increase the number of desires with a lamp with magic gin.