Slot Game Development




Slotopaint: developer of new generation slots.

Slotopaint is a Canadian company that was founded in 2005. During this period of time we managed to become one of the world’s leading providers of slot games. The secret of success lies in the use of innovative technologies, bold experiments and the conquest of new peaks. Slot machines from Slotopaint clearly demonstrate this. Unique graphics, a variety of functionality, quality sound and non-standard themes attract players of a new generation. To buy slot machines from Slotopaint, please contact our managers at this page. Here you can order original designs and software for casinos which is our the main priority.
In our slot games, the game designers can express his originality and innovation and thus create something differentiated and unique. All our slots of Slotopaint reveal separate stories, embody unusual ideas, have unsurpassed design and rich functionality Bonus games, prizes, the ability to win a cumulative jackpot – all this incites the gamblers and encourages them again and again to run another spin.

Design first, then Math.

There is a saying among slot developers: “the visual style attracts players; the math keeps them”.
Like a shop window with a bad sign or a book with a bad cover, a very good mathematical model can suffer if the design doesn’t attract new customers. However, what attracts one person may be completely indifferent to another.
Therefore, not only design is important, but also variety in order to reach more players. The overlay of a new visual theme on the same mathematical model is called a skin. A new promising math model can be released on multiple skins.

Never rely on a single topic to determine the viability of a math model, and never underestimate the importance of design to create a hit.

When a player sits down at the next slot machine, he first looks at the visual style, and then pays attention to the features – which he saw in an advertisement or on the slot’s start screen. That’s why design is so important to attract a new client.

Let’s consider the main advantages of Slotopaint slot machines:

The Canadian slots developer releases only high-quality and multifunctional products to the market. Creating slots we always take into account the results of analysis of the current state of the gambling market.
The development of slot games is based primarily on quality, not quantity. While other vendors are stamping online slot machines, our professionals works out every detail, thus producing perfect games. We do not stop searching for unusual ideas and their further implementation meeting the market requirements. Creating slots we provide everything you need to ensure easy integration on any casino platform.

Key software technologies:


  • С#
  • ASP.NET – MVC, Razor, Blazor, Web Api
    XAML – WPF, MAUI, Avalonia
    C/C++ (MSVC, Qt)
  • Web – HTML5, CSS/SASS, JS/TS
  • Database – MSSQL, MySQL, Postgre
  • Net work – Tcp, Udp, HTTP/S, Web Sockets, WebRTC
  • Unity
  • Entity Framework

Optimization and refactoring of C# code on Unity projects.
Creation of solutions for land base machines, PC, mobile platforms (Unity) in the field of network interaction using various protocols (http, tcp, udp, and others).
Development of projects using c # (, wpf) and sql server..