Okie Dogie

A new breath of freshness in graphic design destroys frameworks of common slot machines and now our product becomes available for a wide range of gamblers and for caring dog breeders. Each time you have more and more opportunities not only to enjoy the game, but also to win valuable rewards.

Welcome, dear visitors of our site! As you have already noticed, we have a replenishment in the number of graphic ideas used to develop slot machines and if you could have watched our creativity before, now you can see our new works. One of these works is the creation of graphic materials and illustrations for the game slot machine "Okie Dogie". Here you can see several background images on which there is an environmentally friendly golf course, and fans of clean air and sports events will be able to admire the particular detailing of the entire composition. You can spend your match in the summer morning, and also visit the field after sunset, when the moon shines, but the heat is still there. Any way we're sure that you'd like it.

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Rich & Famous

We present to your attention the game slot machine for those, who appreciate a style and fabulous luxury!

Here you can feel like a shark of business and infinitely powerful man, before whom all the doors are open as if by magic. Many people want to be like you, trying to imitate you, and most of them will sweep by wave of technological progress, the rest will be behind you in an endless race for power and uncompromising leadership. Your glory was got not easy, and now you are not going so easy to leave the throne of the alpha man, that you've rightfully deserved.

To reinforce your dominance in the world history and the area of virtual entertainment, we decided to create for you a set of game symbols, which will emphasize your status and will make others to look at you with envy and awe! Jewels with elegant faceting, that will flow by magic waterfall in a series of bonus games, jewelry, quality and beauty of which will envy even Arab sheikhs, luxury cars and yachts issued by a single copy only for you, as well as the high society attributes and accessories that reflect your unique taste. We have also prepared a special table of rules and payments for you, so that you will be aware - a number and variety of which game symbols will bring you the greatest reward.

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Whisker Jones

Legendary stories about the adventures of Indiana Jones live not only in the memory of dedicated fans, but also become sources for new types of entertainment. You could be a witness of numerous books, comics and computer games dedicated to this hero, and now you can become a witness a new interpretation in gaming.

Each self-respecting archaeologist or the most ordinary adventurer necessarily keeps the most interesting story and waits for the right moment to tell it to those in whom he will see the same will for new discoveries. If you are not used to staying at one place for a long time and constantly are in searching of something new, then you are on the right way. If you are looking for new ideas in a gambling direction, by combining all known and popular materials, then you have to see this and we have something to offer. Now anyone can join the fun adventures that we develop for virtual online casinos and these are not just words. We took as a basis adventure stories, during which you'll know a lot of new things, meet afce to face with difficulties, solve puzzles and overcome any obstacles, and as a result you're getting valuable life experience and naturally solid winnings.

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Golden Dynasty

The theme of Ancient Egypt is so multifaceted that each company necessarily has in its portfolio at least one game in this style. We present to your attention a set of graphic materials and illustrations for the slot machine "Golden Dynasty", in which you will find the most popular attributes of the ancient Egyptian culture.

Dear friends! Are you ready to go on an exciting journey to the birthplace of ancient Egyptian civilization? We will give you a short excursion so you don't even have to buy tickets for the trip. The main landscape of Ancient Egypt was a valley, on the rocks and on the hills were built cult and funerary complexes, defensive structures, but the main habitat was located at the valley and around the delta of the Nile. Egypt was rich in construction and decorative stone, copper and lead ore, gold and semiprecious stones. These natural resources allowed ancient Egyptians to build monuments, build statues, make tools and jewelry. In the period of dynasties, culture developed, and religion and art, language and writing were formed and changed. The formation of a strong state contributed to the development of agriculture, craft, trade and construction.

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The Justice machine

The eternal confrontation between good and evil is now embodied in our new slot machine "The Justice machine".

First-rate vector style and superpowers of unique characters will remind you about the rare editions of comics. The justice machine is running and one day evil will be defeated! Head your loyal assistants and lead them to victory over the enemy.

Each character is endowed with his own superpowers and is a first-class fighter, who has inspiring arsenal of murderous methods, which can bring down even the most sophisticated enemy. But the villains are not weaklings and they're able to oppose all of their hidden features, to tip the scales in their favor. The only trump which have the forces of good - is that you are the brave their leader and with your help, the forces of evil will have no chance!

As you move through the game process of the slot machine, you will become available hidden locations in which unfold epic clashes of your heroes with the enemy forces, where you have to demonstrate all chief the skills and try to become victorious. As a reward for the victories you will receive extra points, with the help of which you will be provided with options of bonus games. The better you will cope with the obtained task, the more points you can earn as a reward. We have also prepared a special table of rules and payments for you, so that you will be aware - a number and variety of which game symbols will bring you the greatest reward.

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Mexican Fiesta

We invite you immerse with us into the charming atmosphere of celebration in our new slot machine "Mexican Fiesta".

As soon as the sun begins to touch with the numerous roofs, locals are starting to gradually arrange preparations to the most fun event. Many of them are prepared in advance the stylish costumes, most of which were made by their own hands to accent individual taste and stand out from the crowd. Most of the tourists from all corners of the Earth comes to these colorful celebrations to their own eyes to see the full extent of national marches and carnival attire, and then tell about their feelings to friends and acquaintances.

By evening, the people in the squares and streets become so numerous, that in most cases need with great difficulty to wade through the crowd of people. However, this is even more amuses and inflames festive mood by asking positive rhythm to all, who want to join the huge crowd. Hot mariachi captivates you by groovy tunes of their guitars, and the bartender in a tavern is already pouring tequila with a soft shake of maracas. Kids are trying to break the pinata and the starry sky fills with shots of fireworks, with a cheerful and joyous laughter. We have tried to take the best from these events and to implement this in our slot machine, so you can join to one more culture and feel like one of native Mexicans. Estamos esperando por usted!

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Smallies & co

Unlimited fun and endless stream of laughter is guaranteed! And all this because a new interpretation of the well-known minions is reaching to a new level!

You could not even imagine earlier, that most known to the pain, yellow, the little naughty could to evolve and even to acquire a social status and profession. Fortunately, by this they do not become boring, but on the contrary, began to look even amusing and funnier. These babies know how to bring you to colic in the stomach, because every time they come up with something new and different from the others.

We are pleased to present you the playing madness in our slot machine "Smallies & co". The set is represented by quite a lot of variety of the game characters, and each of them has its own individual structure, character and appearance. The brave policeman, carrying a law and order in each house, rocker, razing the roof of the neighbors with his performance of heavy metal, athlete, who paying more attention to the body culture and courage, a young chemist, who obsessed by calculations and derived formulas, as well as a beautiful lady, shooting by her eyes, and mafia boss, who proudly smoking an expensive cigar. All these and many other characters await you in our slot machine, so you can not only to play, but also enjoy the entertainment gameplay. We wish you good mood and the mountains of win bonuses. Cheers!

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Caesar's empire

According to ancient legends, Rome was founded by two brothers, but within two and a half centuries has turned into the most powerful Roman Empire, that become able to conquer many different states and provinces by continuous territorial expansion.

Fortunately, you can relax, because we have no plans to carry out a long tour through the historical records and chronicles. Instead of this, we want to introduce you one of our gaming slot machines "Caesar's empire". For more realism, we decided to develop each game symbol by using the most advanced technology of creating 3D graphics, to the more reliably you can transmit the mood of a bygone era. Here you can see the image of the great Emperor Caesar, beautiful Queen Cleopatra, juicy and appetizing still life, consisting of ripe fruits, grown in the solar fields, as well as weapons and equipment of the imperial guard. You will also have the opportunity to visit the famous Colosseum, in which were the most spectacular and bloody battles in history, and to assess the quality of an ancient architectural construction.

We hope that you enjoy to spend your denarius, raising the bets in the slot machine, because the winning prize should be worthy of the Emperor!

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Are you fascinated by astrology and have an unquenchable desire to knowledge and the mysteries of the unknown depths of space?

We have tried to convey the mood and a state of each symbol, what were created especially for the game slot machine "Zodiac". What secrets keeps the infinite universe, how many billions of stars flashed by the brightest light before going out forever, if there is life on Mars or in other galaxies? The scientist teams should to ponder a very long time about most of these questions, and we are likely will not know even a small part of the mystery, hidden from prying minds.

Instead of the endless attempts to lift the veil and to shed light on the most interesting questions, we have created a game slot machine, where we tried to show our vision of how could look a lot of things, that are difficult to explain and present in the moment. You can see the game characters, as some well known planets, precious metals and undiscovered minerals from the deep crystal caves, thematic symbolics, as well as a unique interpretation of zodiac signs. Each graphic element has been created in order to make a good impression and cause a genuine interest to so wonderful science as astrology, as well as to expand usual knowledge about game slot machines. Enjoy!

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Wild West

Sparkling the Sun is at its zenith, and warms up the plains, that have cooled overnight.

Young mustangs are rushing through the prairies, slicing the sultry air, fanning powerful nostrils and trembling every muscle bulk of their slender body. Night predators are peacefully indulging by daily slumber, located in the shady places and waiting for the sunset, to go to the source of life-giving cool water. From now, former bandits honor the law and respect the physical and moral rights of civilians, because now exactly you had finally put things in order in this small, quiet town.

Welcome to our gaming slot machine "Wild West", where you can find a bunch of a variety entertainments. Wear a hat, take a whip in your hand and go to the paddocks - to train unbroken mustangs. Show everyone that you are a brave cowboy! Assemble a team of fans the adventures and go to search of gold deposits. Obtain your first gold bar. Open the trade bench and submit caravans, loaded with a wide variety of products for every taste, through new routes! Finally, open your own saloon and pour the locals and regulars soft drinks and whiskey, hire dancers, musicians and arrange an entertainment, that all glorify you and threw their hats into the sky! Or play in our slot machine and feel the whole atmosphere of this with us.

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Is within you a spirit of a brave Spartan, who boldly looks into the eyes of the dangers, who doesn't stop at nothing for the sake of his people, for whom the call of honor is above everything?

Once your homeland peacefully existed, hard working farmers worked on fields, and protected crops from pests, fishermen went to sea journey and brought the catches of strange sea creatures, pastoralists kept and increased the regular growth of livestock, honored warriors of Sparta trained their young sons in the event of future hazards. But the world is always fragile, especially when foreign invaders dreams about your lands, and wants to enslave the local population and get them praise outlandish lords. The most courageous and steadfast children of Sparta will never bow their heads under the banner of enemies hordes and will resist to the enemy in any, even the most inopportune moment. Brilliant Spartan tactics and masters of military affairs will be spectacular and methodically destroy the enemies, leaving them lifeless body on the blood-drenched ground.

We invite you to get acquainted with our gaming slot machine "Spartan", where you will find the most detailed game symbols and extensive background images, on which we have tried to capture the most spectacular locations. If you're a fan of this genre, and you close in spirit to Spartan theme, we will be very pleased if you choose our slot machine. We are waiting for you!

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Mayan Mysteries

In riotous arrays of impenetrable jungle the secrets of the ancient Mayan are hidden from the prying eyes. Evergreen walls are carefully camouflage the settlements of countless researchers and restless fans of selfie.

How many treasures are stored in temples, which were built centuries ago, how many of them are left in the world of ancient settlements, which so far no one knows? At these questions, you may be able to get an answer with a help of interested scientists, but we can offer you to get acquainted with the graphic design of this theme in our slot machine "Mayan Mysteries".

We have developed background images with beautiful sceneries of the ancient civilization, suspension bridges through bottomless pits, dangerous waters, encircling the secret islands, areas with sacrificial fires and majestic totems. As the game symbols you will find a wide range of different artifacts and ritual objects of local population, including the sacrificial dagger and a necklace made up of canines of rare leopards. Local fauna is inhabited by unique wild predators, some of which prefer to hunt at night, and the rest - at the afternoon. And of course characters. Brave and fearless leader of the tribe, armed with a jagged spear. He is harsh and merciless, and his body is covered with armor from the skin of the defeated beast. The beautiful daughter of the leader, singing songs and dancing during the ceremonies, as well as a crazy shaman, whose predictions are largely incomprehensible, but still provide the protection of the local aboriginal people. All this you can see right now.

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Napoleon In Egypt

Napoleon is one of the favorite persons, thanks to the unusually memorable traits. He is not tall, he is a Corsican, he is the master of his fate and the fate of millions of people and countries, and he is unusually in love. Ready-made character for the game. A young valiant general of the French Republic, Napoleon Bonaparte is going to go to Egypt...

But what if he meets with an equally strong opponent, but only in a female form. Cleopatra is considered not only the standard of a woman as a strong leader, but also the personification of charisma and beauty. She managed to combine cunning, a keen mind and a disarming ability to seduce. Which of them will succumb to the spell? Two, absolutely equal opponents living in different eras will meet on our battlefield.

This couple inspired us to create such an unusual plot. For greater interest and absurdity, we added comic to the image of the harsh emperor. He will meet you, riding a toy horse, and Cleopatra uses both cunning and seduction skills to achieve what she wants. You can try on the famous Bonnie's cocked hat or shoot from a cannon. Each symbol is detailed and animated, which further emphasizes the atypical genre of romantic comedy. This is the story of the struggle of love and duty, will and desire, ambition and laws, the struggle with gods and people for power and greatness. Who will win? It is up to you to decide..

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Lucky Ducky

As soon as the body sinks into the water, hiding from the outside world in a gentle foam, all problems seem to dissolve without a trace. However, in our case, the bathroom is not only a pleasant relaxation and a wonderful rest, but also a way to replenish your financial capabilities. And cute yellow ducks will add their bonus intrigue.

They will not let you get bored and return you to a carefree childhood when there are no questions, problems of fuss. All these factors are able only to relax after a hard day's work, but also to fight depression. You are waited a classic slot with adjustments to bring even more excitement and fun. Impeccable graphics and fun animations are united in one common balance. Our ducks carry not only aesthetic pleasure, but can also move us to the bonus round, which will lead to additional pleasures.

It is in your hands to take advantage of all this and indulge in the relaxation of your dreams. A fragrant foam bath filled with fabulousness and eccentricity is a pleasant pleasure that helps us relax or, conversely, cheer up and gain strength. The classic three-row reels, with recognizable symbols, will help you quickly navigate the rules of the game and get warm, airy and foamy pleasure.

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Goblin Mine

These are the most terrible and dangerous creatures you can meet. It is worth being on the alert to repel the blow of these cunning and evil creatures.

If you would like to visit a terrible place and experience terrible horror, then this slot is the best for this.

A gloomy and sinister atmosphere will accompany you at every step. But they have huge treasures hidden. Is there enough courage to go down to the halls of these creatures?

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The Magician slot is a pass for a player in a magical land. In childhood, each of us watched the hands of an illusionist and waited for a miracle. Now, by spinning the reels, each player can become a magician and fulfill his own desires.

A magic show is always an extravaganza: bright lights, bewitching sounds of music and stormy applause. Anyone who has ever experienced the delight of visiting such a program will want to relive these emotions again.

We use the most recognizable images that create the atmosphere of a magic show: a magician in a cylinder, his seductive assistant, playing cards, a rabbit and others. These pictures attract players who believe in miracles.

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Angels & Demons

The knowledge of good and evil, the definition of the boundaries between them is an integral part of any human destiny. The game about angels and demons is a story with a central theme, which is the eternal conflict of Heaven and the Underworld.

This is the world of Chaos, the world of the most massive battles, in which the bet is the life of all mankind! The plot amazes and delights with its harmony and beauty, and any sensual pleasure can be deceiving. How to recognize what is good and therefore it worthy of imitation, and what is evil, which is despicable and ridiculous? Here, both harmony and dynamism. We are faced with the contrast of opposites. They don't combine, it does not make sense; but then we see that design stimulates the view and thought that one world, basically, cannot exist without another.

This means that they are interconnected and connected, that they are a condition, endings, or extremes of a single whole. The player is drawn into the decisive game of light and darkness. The war of angels and demons has begun right on the streets of your city. Do your hands itch to break the rules? Chill out, it's not so simple, there are also some “buts” here. Love the danger? Want to take a chance? Choose which side you will fight and join the war right now! You have to take only a step over the edge and fall into the depths where Paradise and Hell are fighting for possession of the soul.

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Monkey King

The monkey king has long been the prototype for characters in many computer games and even found expression in television shows. He is known by various names, including “Stone Monkey” and “The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal”.

Remarkably, the adventures of the Monkey King are a trickster story. He does not obey the general rules and willingly breaks the law. But they are moved by fearlessness and the constant search for new things. Therefore, although Sun Wukong cannot be called a 100 percent positive hero, he is a very attractive character. At the beginning of his journey, the Monkey King is, rather, a rogue and a prankster. But after the trial assigned to him by the gods, Sun Wukong became much smarter and more circumspect. He really becomes worthy of the name Great Sage.

The Monkey King, like many tricksters, is cunning and witty. But the main thing is that he is a winner in life. And the story of his adventures became the basis for the Monkey King slot. Highlights of the Stone Monkey path are reflected in the design of the slot.

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Greek Goddesses

At the beginning, there was only eternal, limitless, dark Chaos, which contained the source of the life of the world: everything arose from Chaos - and the whole world, and the immortal gods. Since ancient times, mankind believed in the existence of higher forces. The gods were worshiped, entrusting their fate to them. Temples were erected in their honor, legends and myths were composed about them, they were depicted in painting and sculpture. Gods and religion have always been an essential part of human life. A journey where the world of the present and the fictional is closely intertwined. Legends and tales about deities endowed with incredible power. All of them have an exciting, dynamic and vibrant story with a mythological bias. This game is the gateway to the ancient but vibrant and vibrant world of Hellas Myths, in those days when great heroes lived on Earth, protecting people from bloodthirsty and invulnerable monsters, when the gods of Olympus, so similar to people, intervened in earthly affairs ...

Slot game "Greek Goddesses" arouses undisguised interest, it is a real treasure chest. The goddess of Greece was similar in appearance and behavior to people, and therefore they had completely human manners in behavior: they quarreled and reconciled, deceived and weaved intrigues, loved and cunning, were merciful and formidable. In the game you will meet the three most powerful goddesses: Aphrodite, Athena, Artemis. Each of them has its own disposition; It’s worth trying to please the three of them, and not fall under the arrows of the Thunderer.

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Little red riding hood

The Tale of Little Red Riding Hood is known to all and everyone. This character is recognizable all over the world. It's time to go to grandma!

A basket with treats is in hand, a red cloak is on the shoulders, and in front - a dark and scary forest with a gray wolf in addition. But he also plans to pay a visit to the old woman and not to meet a hunter on his way! Thanks to this slot, everyone can plunge into the fairy world.

But he also plans to pay a visit to the old woman and not to meet a hunter on his way! Thanks to this slot, everyone can plunge into the fairy world.

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Wild Zeus

The name of Zeus is the embodiment of strength and power. God of Earth and sky, he managed to defeat the Titans and reign on Olympus. Of the entire pantheon of Greek gods, only Zeus received the epithet “Olympian”.

Zeus is known not only for his might, but also for his ability to seduce beautiful women, whether they are goddesses or mortals. Therefore, every man wants to compare himself with Zeus.

How does it feel to feel like a father of gods and people?

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Trees of Fortune

Each player dreams of victory and hopes for the help of talismans. From the first frames, the Trees of Fortune slot helps to feel the atmosphere of prosperity and abundance.

This slot is for aesthetics lovers. Feminine appeal, the beauty of nature and luxurious attributes on the playing field give pleasure to the look.

A player wants to view every detail in order to immerse himself into the atmosphere of the game.

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Each player dreams of victory and hopes for the help of talismans. From the first frames, the Trees of Fortune slot helps to feel the atmosphere of prosperity and abundance.

This slot is for aesthetics lovers. Feminine appeal, the beauty of nature and luxurious attributes on the playing field give pleasure to the look.

A player wants to view every detail in order to immerse himself into the atmosphere of the game.

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