Slot machine for SALE – “Zodiac Charms”

Slot machine for SALE – “Zodiac Charms”




Zodiac themed online slot game

Let us plunge into the world of something extraterrestrial but closely intertwined the destinies of people with the cosmos, planets and distant stars. Astrology is not an exact science, it is considered a pseudoscience – a group of descriptive and predictive practices, traditions and beliefs, postulating the influence of celestial bodies on the terrestrial world and man in particular. Many are quite sceptical about anything that cannot be explained scientifically, but what an astrological horoscope can tell us. In search of answers to the questions of life, universe and personal future, we often turn to magical horoscopes, because many believe that everything that happens to a person in life is closely related to his sign of the zodiac and his influence on events and fate in general.  If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

There are twelve zodiac signs and we can see them in this slot. All illustration drawing, thematic styling of icons made on a professional level. All symbols are very bright, colorful, voluminous with extraordinary animation. The slot game reel is a metal patterned frame strewn with shimmering silvery constellations around, on the background of a distant cosmos. There is a striking gold inscription «Zodiac charms» – the name of the slot game. Inside are arranged in five rows of three in each zodiac ball in different variations of symbols. The control panel is very simple and ergonomic. The «SPIN» button is drawn in the right part of the panel, it is the biggest and stands out of all, its brightness and saturation of color. Its background is reminiscent of a stellar explosion, with a dying star in a dazzling white halo of particle decay. The inscription is written in yellowish capital letters of the alphabet. Other buttons in the same size only in different colors, for example «Max Bet» – blue, and  = Clear all» cold raspberry. The expensive symbols «WILD», «SCATTER», «BONUS» are drawn in golden square frames with abundant pattern, the rest in silvery merging ovals surrounded by star dust. Balance Windows, Information Window, Win – On the blue background are indicated the sums and numbers. The betting window, at the bottom to the left with a variation of buttons in the form of arrows, allows you to change its amount.



Background is made in dark tones. Against the backdrop of a dark, deep, all-consuming space, a couple of nearby planets are depicted, scientists have not agreed on what name to give them. As they dash across the darkness, burning meteors sweep through, they emerge from nowhere and disappear only when you see them. Everywhere in the whole area there is a dense infestation of new galaxies. They are very colorful, inviting. The mind paints painted pictures in the brain that can be extraordinary. A lone intergalactic snake appears and disappears creating an aura of power around its silhouette. Millions and billions of planets, an unexplained number of galaxies, emptiness and fullness, deep awareness and misunderstanding, that’s all space.



High symbols of the slot are represented in three characters. Proud fiery Lion «WILD» – inspires confidence in victory. In the astrological map, the person born under this sign is very lifelike, charming, charismatic. Lion king of beasts all power of nature, all power is gathered in this symbol, his fiery mane enchants, firm gaze – makes numb enemy. The «BONUS» Aquarius symbol helps in the game and gives you the opportunity to trigger the bonus game and increase your winnings by certain amounts. Usually people are the Vodonees of rebellion and melancholy, by nature eccentric personalities. They are friendly and easy to communicate, often very attractive in appearance. They have the gift of eloquence, so the image of the flowing water from the jug, very symbolically «do not climb into the pocket word», there is always something to talk about. Water as a symbol of the stream, something new helps in finding new winning wins. The symbol »SCATTER» or Virgo – a bright red-haired beauty, with a charming look, mysteriously smiles. By correcting and casting her strands of hair, she scatters her symbol randomly in the machine. This earthly sign is under the control of Mercury. The people born underneath it are reasonably reasonable, reasonable, very honest and logical. Often punctual, clearly see the flaws in themselves and others.



In the middle symbols is Aries – it is a fire sign, the man under it has such qualities as leadership. He shows power and strength, is abrupt, quick-tempered and impulsive. Quite stubborn personality, pretensions on a breach without seeing obstacles. The sign of Cancer is a cold-blooded arthropod, is influenced by the moon, has a special connection with mother and motherhood. These people have such qualities as mystery. They have a strong intuition, with fluctuating mood and touchiness in the eyes, but at the same time the ability to care for and create comfort and comfort for loved ones. Next, Capricorn is the land of his element. People of this sign are very serious, strong personalities, love control and order, seek success. And the Twins – just a sign of the air, talented and gifted nature, their shyness hide behind the sociability (very free).



The low symbols include: The sign of the Pisces, as a water sign, possesses softness, sensuality, and a very emotional personality, with subtle intuition and fluctuating mood. Unstable Scales – They are always pumped in the change of mood and choice of what they want, often doubt, but also friendly and often cheerful. But Sagittarius or «noble fire» – is endowed with such qualities as optimism, quite optimistic and purposeful person. The scorpion, as a passionate and mystical nature, will always endure any blows of fate, has enough courage and perseverance. Well, let’s not forget about Taurus – the man under this sign, solid, incompetent and balanced in nature, quite strong and strong. He has a love for luxury.



Animation of all slot characters is very bright and graceful. Scarlet fish and lilac cancer, rolling around in the areola of fortune; the scorpion stings and threatens his rival; the shooter just shoots arrows stuffing the freespins; the curly golden-haired twins smile at the player; the lion looks us in the eyes burning, The beautiful maiden flirts very openly; the Aries and Capricorn, shaking their horns and ready to jump; the Taurus are very determined to win; and the Aquarius simply bonuses us!