Slot machine for SALE – “World of Unicorn”

Slot machine for SALE – “World of Unicorn”



World of Unicorn

A unicorn is a mythical creature that since ancient times has been described as a hoofed animal or horse with a pointed spiral horn in its forehead. This horse was often painted white, with a long horn and cloven hooves. In the Middle Ages, he was described as an extremely wild forest creature, a symbol of purity and grace, and could only be captured by a virgin. Its horn has the ability to make poisoned water drinkable and cure diseases. The horse-unicorn was mentioned in ancient Greece. In the modern world, its symbol is used as a fairy tale character or an antique symbol. The unicorn is the heraldic symbol of caution, discretion, discretion. In the heraldry books, this creature is likened to a brave soldier who would rather die than fall into enemy hands. The fearless animal comes into the world, fill it with purity and innocence. Give the beginning of a new day, perpetuate the saints and breathe life into the dead. According to legend, the unicorn came to help mankind to overcome sins and consecrate the way of the horn to its lost souls. With the help of magic, he sanctified and revived the pond, all the water turned into a living element. Through this stream, consciousness changed, enlightenment illuminated the mind, darkness retreated. The sacred animal departed with the first rain and disappeared into the rainbow of light. There was peace and grace at the edge, and full happiness and love covered the places. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

“Sweet” reels of this slot game is filled with the magic of the animal’s horns. There is a slot inscription on top of it in colorful colours, with fairy dust hovering around it. The reel itself is composed of wood bars lined with wild rosehips. In a circle of fabulous flowers breathe petals, bloom fresh buds of wonderful herbs. Centuries-old oak trees grow out of time, attracting a fairy-tale unicorn to the game. On the stone is a control panel. In the juicy balance and betting window, the magic sums. The winning window is filled with freshness and the breath of nature. Royal key «spin» in golden frame, right in the center of the panel. Magic ball start, launches new spins, mana intensifies, strength arrives. Other horse magic keys are collected from gemstones.



The main background: background presents a picture of a magical forest. Where the fairy tale begins, the unicorn portal opens. Tall majestic oaks have absorbed all space. Indecisive small rays of light, piercing through the thick branches of the elders. The stones are piled up. The mythical elves worked for many years, creating a bridge between the worlds. The fairies came and dropped the pollen on the rocks. The stones came to life and the gate opened, the passage from dream world to reality. The beautiful white silhouette appeared, the fairies joyfully flapped their wings and welcomed the fairy creature. The appearance of a unicorn is the highest sign of beings of two dimensions. The paths became miraculous herbs, the ponds were filled with healing power, the branches of the oaks spun and gave way to sunlight in the darkest places. Wonder Horse brought fresh joy and grace to the forest.



By nightfall, a month had passed the shore of the pool, and all the wild beasts were gathered in the clearing to rejoice the wizard.  Sick and lame from the animal world, approached the unicorn and asked for help. The horse, touching the wound with a horn, healed the forest dweller instantly. Fairies and elves actively served the white savior, helping him in his righteous work. Every bug and turtle, believed in the power of the unicorn.



High slot symbols: “Bonus” flower, opens up opportunities for elves. At the onset of the night of the full moon, the beautiful flower blossoms and the glowing pollen comes out into the moonlight. Elves collect gold pollen and send unicorns. Elven princess brought the symbol “Scatter”. The magic properties of this symbol are the ability to attract free spins and illuminate the way for the white traveler. The wild symbol of the golden unicorn is practical and timely. With its wild wildness, the horse kicks the hoof and replaces any other signs of the combination.

Regular symbols: The gingerbread mushroom resembles a fly-agaric. It has the healing power of a mushroom. Healing the wounds of animals, it adds speed to everyone in need. The neon butterfly, a polar butterfly, arrives at the call of a magic horse and turns simple symbols into magical totems and charms. A wise owl, humbly waiting for magic. Her piercing gaze can see the darkness within her soul.

Low symbols: The mosaic symbols of the Latin letters, glow and twinkle. They lurk star fields, these are the faithful companions of the wonder horse. Gold frames give the letters significance and stasis. Combined with expensive elements, perfectly balances each simple letter.



Spectacular magic animation of symbols. The pollen of the flower spills across the river, illuminating the way of the elf. The main princess of the fairytale forest, wears a floral crown and gives a salutation speech to the graceful unicorn. The golden-haired homosexual shakes his head and summons the winds to help the lost animal. The mushrooms appear from the void and begin to actively flicker neon. The butterfly, it will fade away from the dreamcatcher and turn into a beautiful maiden-vasilek. The owl watches the horse closely and lights the fire of each symbol around him. The letters touch and begin to rotate in a circle, creating a favorable aura for new lines.






A wonderful atmosphere around the kingdom of the beast. The paytable will definitely reveal all the magical features of the slot. It will map the higher symbols and their features in the game, easily capturing every symbol and win he hides behind his successful move.





On the stone slab decorated with greenery and flowers, a greeting windows appear. The Free Spins Bonus opens up an extra game and brings you a win. In the bonus level, you can also find your treasure, and with the blessing of the unicorn move it into the real world.