Slot machine for SALE – “Lion’s Paradise”

Slot machine for SALE – “Lion’s Paradise”



Savannah Themed online slot game

The African savannah impresses with the diversity of the animal world. Here you can meet real giants: elephants, rhinos, hippos, buffalos and giraffes amaze the imagination with their sizes. Record holder predators hunt here: no one can compare in speed with African cheetahs. But lions don’t need to prove their superiority: these beautiful predators combine strength and beauty, speed and endurance. Savannah – is a herd of zebras and antelopes, numerous monkeys, colorful parrots and dangerous snakes. Here, bright colors are combined with mysterious sounds. Each player, regardless of gender, will want to succumb to the temptation and go on a journey through the lion’s paradise! But lovers of the cartoon “The Lion King” will be happy to recall their childhood and plunge into the atmosphere of the game for a long time.  If you are interested in our new product, you can purchase it at our store –

The reels has all that Africa is famous for. There are present three representatives of the big African five: elephant, rhino and lion. The background behind the reels and the whole design of the playing space gives the players an aesthetic pleasure.



The first version of the game background is the famous sunset in the savannah. In front of the players a boundless plain opens. Grass dominates here: almost the entire space up to the horizon is covered with lush grass. And only in some places shrubs are visible. And baobabs generously give a shadow under their spreading crowns. Silhouettes of mountains are visible on the horizon. By the way, the highest mountains in Africa reach more than 5000 km above sea! And this is not only Kilimanjaro, but also other peaks – Kenya, Batian and Nelion. Take a look what a sun! African sunsets are worthy of the brush of the best artists.



Night game background is no less beautiful. The full moon illuminates the savannah. Fireflies twinkle above the grass. The baobab crowns reach the sky and merge with the clouds.



Game Symbols: Baobab is also depicted on the bonus symbol. It is not just a symbol of Africa. Baobab is called the Eighth Wonder of the World. The fat tree grows up to 20 meters in diameter and reaches 25 m in height! And if we talk about their age, it just causes a shock. Scientists claim that these centenarians can stand for more than a thousand years!

Wild symbol is a portrait of a lion. He is resting, basking in the rays of the setting sun. The gaze of the king of animals is fixed in the distance, he controls his possessions. Luxurious mane reflects the sun’s rays.

Scatter symbol is an image of the highest African mountain – Kilimanjaro. If you look beyond the clouds and see the peak, it becomes clear that Kilimanjaro is a volcano. The crater has burnt out long time ago, but because of the clouds it seems that sometimes it smokes. And the very view of the huge mountain and the awareness of its scale is fascinating.

The next five symbols are elephant, zebra, lioness, hyena and sunset savannah landscape with a lonely baobab. Each of these images helps create an atmosphere of sultry Africa. It seems that the clatter of a whole herd of zebras is heard from afar. They rush to the watering place, and the elephants stomp behind them. Look at the spreading crown of the baobab: in the shade of this amazing tree it is so good to find shelter on a hot day. The young lioness went hunting in an inaudible gait and merged with the burnt grass of the savannah. The hyena is hiding and afraid to give herself away.

A new series of symbols illustrate African life no less vividly. What is exotic without monkeys? Here is one prankster settled on a baobab branch. It is also called “Monkey Tree”. Monkeys love the fruits of the baobab, this is a real treat. And here are the fruits themselves, they also found a place among the symbols of the slot. Lemonade can be made from the flesh of baobab fruits. In addition, the local population actively eats these fruits as fried foods. Surely in the dense crown of the baobab there is a place for the feathered inhabitants of Africa. Look at the luxurious bright parrot that soared into the sky. His feathers shimmer with all colors. Looking at the parrot, it is important to be careful. The savannah is full of dangers. Woe to the traveler who comes closer to the lion cubs. While they can’t to protect themselves, parents will attack anyone who comes close to these touching babies. Beware not only of predators and snakes. Large herbivores, rhinos and hippos, are also dangerous to humans.



Animated symbols even make you feel the hot air of the savannah on your skin. Foliage is falling down from a baobab due a gust of wind. Lion, hiding in the grass, rubs his face with the paw. His mane sways either from the wind, or from the movements of the predator itself. Clouds float under the top of Kilimanjaro. Life-giving rain flows from them. Only birds rush to take refuge in their nests.


The elephant waves its huge ears and picks something up with a trunk from the grass. Zebra shakes his head impatiently: she is ready to gallop. A whole flock of birds flies out of the baobab crown and rushes to the horizon. The lioness and hyena seem to have noticed the prey.


Funny monkey is preparing to jump onto a neighboring branch. A bright parrot hovers in the air and creates a festive atmosphere. But the rhino seems to have sensed danger. He inflates his nostrils and is ready to fight back enemies. The fruits and leaves of the baobab move from the wind. The snake peeped out of the grass and hisses dangerously. And the little lion cubs clung to each other to feel more confident.


Paytable screens are simple. A clear font contrasts with a dark background. Reading information is easy.



The buttons for switching between screens are stylized as a cut of a tree.



Greeting screens have four text options.



The background of this screen is gaming reels with all the symbols.



The basis for the text is stylized as the stone slopes of Kilimanjaro.



The “OK” button, as in previous screens, is designed in the form of a tree.