Three Pigs


Favorite children’s fairy tale gets a new life! The story of the three little brother pigs has been familiar to each of us since childhood. Of course, we compared ourselves to the smartest brother and imagined how we would outwit the wolf. The “Three Pigs” slot allows adults to return to childhood and relive vivid emotions. And now the revived fairy tale gives players the opportunity to create their own stone house. The main thing is that luck will smile.



The background behing the game reels is the edge of a fabulous forest. Saturated greens create a joyful mood, a river gurgles merrily, and the path leads to that very stone house. It is the salvation of piglets and a symbol of victory for the players.



The second version of the background is the same edge, only at night. The light of the full moon gives mystery. The river flickers romantically, and fireflies with their radiance illuminate the road to the piglet’s house. The windows glow affably there, as if they were inviting a belated traveler to warm themselves and relax.



The theme of the “Three Pigs” slot is easy for players to recognize from the first frames. The symbols on the game reels are the pigs themselves, the wolf in two different images, the instruments and bricks as the gold bars. In addition to the main High, Regular, Royal symbols, jackpot symbols are provided.



High symbols are, of course, the main characters of the game. Scatter symbol – a cunning wolf. He even looks good-natured, only his fangs remind of his predatory nature. But copy symbol is a wolf that bared its mouth and frowns menacingly. He will not allow prey to leave! Wild symbol – full moon. Who knows, will a wolf howl at her or piglets will joyfully dance under the moonlight after salvation.



And here are the pigs. You can immediately understand who is who. Here’s a frivolous brother: he built a house out of straw, and now he is chewing a blade of grass thoughtfully. Here is the middle piglet, who was trying to take refuge in a wooden hut. He is now with a hammer in his hand, only his board does not look very reliable. And here is the oldest, most prudent piglet. He finishes building a house of bricks – the very fortress that will decide the fate of the whole tale.



Houses also became symbols of the game. All three houses are depicted in warm colors, it is pleasant to look at them. The bright yellow thatched house looks nice but defenseless. The wooden hut is far from level. It is seen that the pig was building it in a hurry. A stone house glistens in the sun. Its strong doors on reliable hinges will not let the wolf to enter. Shutters on the windows will hide piglets from prying eyes. And the chimney on the roof is the embodiment of heat from the fireplace inside the house.



Symbols animation cheers you up. We see everything that has long been known: a straw hut shatters, a wooden hut collapses, and a stone house stands motionless. A responsible piglet peeps out of it and winks slyly: “That’s how it is!”



Two more symbols are tools and materials that are indispensable for building a dream house. Please note: Bricks lie on top of the straw and twigs. Even in this symbol, reliable stones prevailed. Or are these gold bars for the winner?



Grand, Minor, Mini – jackpot symbols. They are depicted as inscriptions on a golden disk. Each inscription has its own color, the disk is circled in the same color. It makes easier to perceive symbols during the game for enthusiastic players.



Royal symbols – alphanumeric designation of cards. To maintain the theme of the game, all the symbols seem to be knocked together from planks.



Separately, you can see the wolf character traced in detail. Animated image – a wolf that blows with all his might. We see how air rushes out of its mouth in powerful currents. But can he get to the piglets? This is still unknown, as also the result of the game.



Here is the figure of a wolf as if covered with gold. The villain turned into a prize!



Welcome screens for the winners inform about the amount of the prize and invite you to take further actions. All that is needed is to press the noticeable “Start” or “Collect” buttons. It will be very difficult to break away from this game!