Slot machine for SALE – “Aztec Temple”

Slot machine for SALE – “Aztec Temple”



Aztec Temple

Temple Major or «Aztec Temple», sometimes called the pyramid of Huitzilopochtli, a complex of iconic structures in the capital of the Aztec state of Tenochtitlan. There was a tunnel maze in the dungeon. Inside the cave in the very center was a sacrificial altar, where ritual rites, animal offerings and human flesh were held. The High Priest summoned spirits and deities by offering gifts. The Aztecs believed that through sacrifice, the deity bestowed new knowledge and power on the higher strata of society. We spin the symbols and find new entrances to the temple, extract the treasures of the Aztecs and awaken the god Tlaloc. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The “secret” slot reels has collected in itself all the mysteries of peoples of the past. The ascent to the temple awakens a grand gold inscription «Aztec Temple». Statues of the upper class, protect the stone body of the drum. Around the column is twisted a golden snake. It serves as a charm and towers the walls of the citadel. Inside the canvas are ancient writings and Aztec totems. Clear, smooth rows of symbols are put together. The control panel of statues and masks is filled with ritual symbols. The Leader launches all symbols and symbols using the «spin» key. The skulls spin out symbols and create elevated combinations of temple gods. The balance and betting window is on the lower tier of the pyramid. The inner complex of the temple has collected all the remaining keys of the panel. The win window collects all the treasures and gold prizes.



The main background: on the bank of the river sleepy sands spread. Light waves cover the shore and bring hidden treasures of the ancient people. In the background there are enormous mountain ranges. At noon, when the Sun God actively heats the rocks, the rocks crack and dump huge blocks into the water. In front of the river flowering herbs and shrubs decorate the base of the temple. The powerful walls of the pyramid rise and the top rests on the heavenly palace. The Rain God blessed those who pray with the approach of the waters from the heavens. The soil will become fertile and fertile. The God of the wind will take away all meagre things, and will give the people the opportunity to curb the water element. Sacrificial fires are lit with the approach of the evening. The priest recites a prayer and invokes the spirit of war to help the enemy.



High slot symbols: the wind blows, the fire burns, and the maximal symbols increase their power. In the Sun stone found a symbolic sculptural embodiment of the Aztec representation. The Sun God «scatter» gives the people the opportunity to trigger free spins and enhance the potential of soldiers. Tlaloc or ancient «wild», removes all obstacles in the way, sprinkles the earth with blessed water and replaces other totems in the game except the higher symbols. Shipe-Totek or the god of Earth has gathered the power of «bonus». The Lord of Seasons and Revival calls the bonus level of the game and increases the reward.

Regular symbols: ritual gold bracelets with the image of a snake, symbolizes the cycle of phenomena. It is also the sunshine, moon life, light and darkness, keeper and destroyer. The golden headdress of the leader is symbolic and represents the monarch’s authority. The golden beetle in the center has its significance, connecting the worldly and spiritual principle in the leader, bringing it closer to the deity. The animal’s talisman, a symbol of hunting and dexterity. Each totemic animal hides its power. The hunting god perpetuates himself in a golden statue of a bear. God of the wind, the symbol of the spirit, the living breath of the universe, the strength of endurance in the holding of life and the unification of all life. This image is on the northern edge of the pantheon.

Low symbols: The hieroglyphs and ancient writings are inscribed around the perimeter of the entire temple. Each sign of the letter contains an unknown power of spirits.



Paytables tell the story of the Aztecs and higher mascots and totems. Three or more bonus symbols unlock the bonus round in the game. The Divine Wild Totem replaces symbols other than the higher symbols. The sun or scatter card opens a new free spin game. Each element of the temple is marked by the number of winning lines and gold accumulations after each spin.





Congratulatory screens: the priest greets the new leader and announces the coming of the golden free spin game, and the opening of the bonus round. At the end of the ritual, the chief receives a protective totem and a golden pyramid treasure. Behind the money wall of the building hides a golden wind, it brings strength of luck and success for each combination of «Aztec Temple».