Slot machine for SALE – “Wild Horse”

Slot machine for SALE – “Wild Horse”



Wild Nature Themed slot machine

A new slot machine, developed by our designers, is dedicated to wild horses that live in the wild. In this slot you can find the motifs of the widely known worldwide cartoon (adventure cartoon tells the story of a wild stallion Mustang Spirit, traveling throughout America). Also, If you are interested in our new slot, you can purchase it at our shop –



The design of this slot is bright enough, and the main design will tell the player about wild horses – wild, ardent, free. Horses never stop, because passion and adrenaline simply boil in their blood. The symbols of this slot machine are, of course, horses. In addition to these, silhouettes of mountains and prairies, as well as other attributes of wildlife were used:



On the illustration below, you can see the final version of the main background image for this game slot. The game action takes place against the background of the sunset: somewhere on the horizon you can see numerous mountains, and the central part of the upper half of the interface is occupied by the logo with the name of the video slot.



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