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Slot machine for SALE – “Fruits Fever” | Slotopaint

Slot machine for SALE – “Fruits Fever”

Slot machine for SALE – “Fruits Fever”



Fruits Themed online slot game

When we see a picture with fruits, pleasant images always pop up in our memory. Strawberries go well with champagne, berries are an excellent decor for desserts, any fruit is a nice snack or complement the main meal. Plus, fruit has always been associated with health. The image of fruit is clear and familiar to absolutely everyone. Therefore, the design for the “Fruits Fever” slot can be safely called universal. It is suitable for players of all genders, ages and hobbies. If you are interested in our new product, you can purchase it at our store –  https://slotopaint.com/product/fruits-fever/.

The game reels resemble a countertop with fruits, that spread out on it. Such a table can certainly be seen somewhere in the park, where cheerful companies come for a picnic. All buttons on the bottom of the reels are designed like juice bags. They immediately remind players of a pleasant, rich taste.



There are two versions of the Game Background. In the first version, pastel shades of green prevail. An orchard opens in front of the players, bathed in rays of sunlight. The green foliage on the trees leaves no doubt: it’s summer. The apples on the trees are already ripe, it’s time to harvest. Large apples of different varieties symbolize wealth. Just as apples fill the baskets in the garden, money will fill the pockets of players after a victory.



In the second version, we see the same apple orchard in early autumn. The trees have acquired a golden color, some of the leaves have already fallen to the ground. Harvesting of later varieties of apples is in progress. Pay attention to the birds. Their presence in the garden adds life to the design. It seems that you can hear the trills of birds and smell the scent of freshly picked fruits.



All images of High symbols are “revived” fruits and berries. Each of them has its own character. Bonus symbol – a pair of cherries, which are laughing loudly. You can tell right away that they love to have fun! Scatter symbol is a refreshing cocktail. It is decorated with different fruits. Based on the facial expressions, this cocktail admires itself. Indeed, strawberries with orange and cherries with lemon wedges give it a very appetizing look. I want to reach out, feel the weight of this glass and enjoy a cool drink. But the Wild symbol is a wayward grapefruit. He looks suspicious enough. Not surprising! Grapefruit is not to everyone’s taste, and in the game it is not like most fruits. All high symbols are framed in square frames with softened corners.

Regular symbols are well-known fruits. A good-natured banana seems to open its arms – the petals of its peeled peel look so cute. Strawberries burst into laughter. We immediately want to smile when look at it. The apple looks very unusual. It consists of slices of several fruits of different colors at once. And the real harmony of tastes is represented on the symbol with a skewer. One fruity canapé combines grapes, banana and orange. All Regular symbols have a round frame.

Royal symbols are more exotic fruits. Here is a mango, he winking slyly from the screen. It is possible that he’s up to something. Pineapple in sunglasses looks like a real fashionista. He looks like a tourist on the ocean coast. But the kiwi looks scared. And, frankly, he has something to fear. Part of the fruit has already been sliced! Little lychee, on the other hand, carefreely enjoys the world and sucks on a dummy. Apple decided to hide its mood. Part of the fruit is hidden behind a purple bandana.



Animated symbols immediately create a sense of fun. Multi-colored sparkles and confetti shimmer behind each of the images. The leaves sway with laughter on the cherries. The glass of cocktail bounces and the ice mixes with the drink. Bright lights run along the square frames of the Wild symbol.


The skewer with fruit moves, as if it were being lifted from the buffet table. The banana seems to be dancing and wiggling its skinned hands. The slices inside the apple move, but do not disintegrate and the illusion of the whole fruit remains. And the strawberries laugh so hard, that even her green tail bounces. All frames shimmer.


All the fruits move differently on animated Low symbols. The apple bounces, the kiwi tries to join the slices, and the mango winks very actively from the screen. Pineapple shakes vigorously with his lush hairstyle, and sun glare runs over his glasses. The lychee, as befits a baby, sucks on a pacifier, and a tail sways on his hat.


Paytables are similar in design to the game reels. The screen is also decorated on wooden planks that resemble a table in a park. Pay table is made in multicolored letters to highlight the variety of fruits.



The “Close” button is designed as a juice bag.



Congratulatory screens are decorated at the same background. Congratulations is written in multicolored letters. The rest of the text focuses on winning.



The OK button is made in the form of a triangular juice bag