Slot machine for SALE – “Grand Prix”

Slot machine for SALE – “Grand Prix”



Race Themed online slot machine

Even those who are not a fan of “Formula 1” participants, have heard the names of famous racers and know about the confrontation between Ferrari and McLaren. The speed at the limit of possibilities and the highest skill of the pilots make the audience freeze in delight. Fans of racing, without stopping, watch their favorites. And if they were offered to participate in the races and get the cup themselves? You can give anything for such an opportunity! Slot “Grand Prix” gives you the opportunity to imagine yourself driving a car and compete for an award. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The background of the game reel is made in a laconic gray color. The inscription above the reels is placed on the speedo image. The needle of this speedo moves confidently to the right. We just want to pick up speed in the game! The field with symbols is separated by a frame with tread marks. In the lower left corner there is a place for the player’s avatar and name. The progress bar icon shows the progress of the game. In the lower right corner there is a “Spin” button. It is framed in the steering wheel of a racing car. The button for displaying information is shown as a medal for the first place.



The slot game background shows a race track. Players see a fierce battle between the two leaders. The red and yellow cars are striving for the finish line with a very small gap. A tremendous tension is felt. The picturesque landscape behind the track allows you to mentally travel to the mountainous area and dream about the surrounding beauty.



The Scatter symbol shows off the seductive assistant with the finish flag. The cherished checkered flag in the hands of this beauty looks especially desirable.

Wild symbol is an image with an engine. And not with a simple one, but with a tuned one! A compressor allows a car with such an engine to develop up to a thousand horsepower.
Both symbols are framed in square frames.

High symbols include, of course, the cup image. The award, for which the racers are so selflessly fighting, needs no further introduction. This symbol of victory remains understandable in any country.
Likewise, a racing car cannot be confused with any other car. The green car from the symbol carries its pilot to a confident victory.
A wave of the flag with black and white squares marks the finish. For players, this flag will also become a symbol of successful play.
All High symbols are decorated in round golden frames.

Regular symbols are attributes that are firmly associated with “Formula 1”. Champagne showers are a tradition for the winner. The bottle of champagne, which is depicted on the symbol, is waiting in the wings. Just about, and players will celebrate their success with champagne.
Reliable wheels are the key to success. During the race, the tires provide very strong grip on the track during acceleration and braking. Because of this that they wear out very quickly. Changing wheels at pit stops is magic these days. Just think, it only takes 2 seconds to replace 4 wheels! The world record for the fastest tire change at a pit stop was 1.82 seconds. Could we have ignored this important attribute? Of course not!
Just as the riders’ equipment could not be ignored. A helmet is an indispensable element of every pilot’s uniform. Where speed makes you feel dizzy, safety is a must.

Low symbols – letter designation of cards. Each symbol has its own color. The design of the letters resembles a flame of fire.



On the greeting screens for Big Win or “5 of kind,” the reels are darkened. An inscription appears with information about the winning. The inscription is made in large letters with the addition of flames.



The slot information screen is designed as a sign. The main screen color is gray with traces of protectors. The yellow border creates a nice contrast. The arrows for navigating between pages are made in the form of red triangular flags.

If the Jackpot is won, the game background and the reel are darkened. Text appears with Jackpot and score. The text uses a combination of bright orange and blue.



The bonus spin screen is designed as a large wheel rim. The spokes of the disk separate the multi-colored sectors.

On the congratulatory screen, in case of receiving coins, the background and the reels are darkened. An inscription appears with information about the amount of the win. There are stars of different sizes around the text. Two finish flags are shown below the text.



Paytables design resembles game reels. Information about the meaning of the symbols is located on a gray background. The font of the Pay table inscription is supplemented with a flame. The buttons for navigating between pages are designed as red flags.



The background and the reel are darkened on the greeting screens in case of receiving bonus games. A round plaque appears with a gold border. Finish flags flutter around the sign and stars twinkle.



Flame complements “Congratulations” title. The OK button is designed as a steering wheel.