Slot machine for SALE – “Halloween”

Slot machine for SALE – “Halloween”



Halloween Themed online slot game

Halloween is both the scariest and the funniest day of the year. Trick or treat? What would you choose? Have you already picked up a costume for the most mystical holiday? I’m already in a cat costume and with a large basket for sweets. The loading screen is made in orange tones, with a full yellow moon and an impregnable fortress in the background. Closer we are greeted by a skeleton in a hat, orange pumpkins with yellow highlights inside, bulging red eyes and bats. Looking closely, we also see a witch on a broomstick, in a dark robe, a black cat, a gray tombstone. All this is framed by a blue Halloween inscription. Welcome to the game! If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The game reels area is conditionally divided into two parts: the upper one is in dark orange tones and the lower one directly with the gameplay is on a gray background. The red inscription on the old wooden block immediately catches the eye – Jackpot. With a fabulous win of a hundred millions. In the corners we see pumpkins, a lot of pumpkins. Below are the control panel: the maximum bet, the number of lines in the slot and the spin button on the gray tombstone. In the second image we can see the winning line and orange numbers.



Game background is made in traditional orange tones and gray tiles. There are illustrations of bats, pumpkins with illuminations and large trees with long branches.



Wild symbol is a gray tombstone with a hand sticking out from the ground. It looks like a Zoooombie hand! Creepy? Is not it?
The Scatter symbol is a black spider hanging lazily on a huge web; the web resembles black, skillfully woven lace.
Middle symbols are made in a variety of guises. Here is a skeleton in a hat, a huge pumpkin with tasty candies, a flying witch on a broomstick, a wise gray owl, a black cat with a sharp look, a bat in flight. A group of lollipops: a white flying ghost, a red eye and a green poisonous lemon skull.



Below we see all the most interesting and delicious from our basket of sweets. Winnings that can be yours are coming soon. We see red bloody inscriptions: Five of a Kind,  Big Win and a gaze, you are being watched, be careful. Five free spins with a scary ghost in the background. A huge blue inscription Jackpot and many red numbers to show an amount of the win. In the picture below, we see a riot of white ghosts with smiles from ear to ear.




Info board: on a yellow background notifies us with the next three Scatter symbols – this is a super bonus with the image of black spiders on a web, five Wild symbols – this is a victory in the Lakpot. Press the spin button and you will become the owner of all these buns. Good luck!



Paytable – there are four pages dedicated on an old wooden surface with red letters, the plaque reads as follows: Wild symbol (a gray tombstone with a Zombie hand) replaces any symbol on the game reel except the Scatter symbol or the Bonus. A minimum of three Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels will trigger the free spins round. Did you hear that? You must definitely try it! On the second page we see: the winning in one row: 5 = 1000, 4 = 800, 3 = 20. This is given to us by our glorious helpers, a pumpkin with lollipops, a skeleton in a hat and a smiling witch on a broomstick. The third page offers to look at: a black cat, a wise owl and a bat. They bring us a win in one row: 5 = 1000, 4 = 800, 3 = 20. The fourth page is also with descriptions of the buns that are almost in your hands: these are sweet lollipops in the shape of a red eye, a white ghost and a green skull.




So we came to the pop-ups with congratulations, they are dedicated to you, as the best owner of a Halloween costume and a collector of sweets. They are depicted on brown pieces of wood with a bright red congratulation inscription and a white ghost. The tablets broadcast to us and ask for your consent to the game with a click “OK” – on a gray background. On the first window we see free spins, on the second – a win in the amount of five thousand dollars from free spins. The third inscription reads: congratulations on the bonus game, and the fourth – on winning five thousand dollars from the bonus game. These are the tempting offers! Not in the game yet? Rather to us! To sweets-wins!