Slot machine for SALE – “Cat Aviator”

Slot machine for SALE – “Cat Aviator”



Cartoon Themed online slot game

The image of the aviator cat can be found on fashionable clothes, on posters and even in jewelry. We have created the image of a brave tailed pilot so that every dreamer can see himself in it. Players will mentally try on aviation goggles and rise into the sky, looking at the main characters of this slot. There is humor, and a reference to history, and most importantly – the mood.

Rich blue and orange colors are used for the design of the game reels. This classic combination immediately creates a feeling of freshness and spaciousness, sets the dynamics. The feeling of movement is supported by the plane, which soars up from the inscription at the top of the frame. All buttons and information about the balance are framed in the form of a banner that flutters behind the plane. And at the helm, of course, the main character is a cat-aviator. Of course, we couldn’t ignore the part of the plane associated with rotation. The Spin button is shaped like a propeller. If you are interested in our new product, you can purchase it at our store –



The game background is a blue sky with mountain contours and clouds at different levels. The aviator will have to demonstrate his skills in order to deftly navigate the plane here!



Slot machine symbols. High symbols are characters. Each of them has its own character and is endowed with its own recognizable features. Bonus symbol – a cat in a military uniform sits astride an air bomb. He is ready to fulfill his duty and bring the players the desired victory. Note that the bomb is painted in the shape of a shark. No target in front of her will survive. The Scatter symbol is a comical albatross wearing flying goggles. He has to dodge the plane so as not to get hit by the propeller. The albatross looks awkward and confused, but we know that it will manage to get on the correct flight path. Wild symbol – calm and confident ginger cat at the controls of the plane. One can see how pleased he is with himself. He enjoys every moment of flight. The scarf that flutters behind him gives the brave aviator a special charm.

Regular symbols are dedicated to essential attributes, without which it is impossible to imagine the life of an aviator. The compass helps stay on track and stay on right direction. Windsock allows you to assess the strength and direction of the wind. An invariable detail that can be seen at any airfield. The steering wheel. With its help, the aviator controls the plane. And the players once again remember that it is in their hands that the wheel of their own lives. And the details of the form that complete the image of the aviator are glasses and gloves. It is a symbol of romanticism and courage. Many people dream of them, but not everyone dares to wear them. And one more symbol that shows all the power of aviation in military operations is the plane that drops bombs. It is no coincidence that aviators are the elite in any army!

Low symbols are classic card symbols. To support the theme of the slot, letters and numbers are written in the form of inscriptions on the weapon boxes for ammunition.



Paytables are made in one color range from light blue to deep blue.


The solid-colored field symbolizes a clear, cloudless sky – and the same course of the game.



Congratulatory screens are designed like ammo boxes. The more of these boxes, the more confident pilots and players feel.


The background for the greeting screens is also a clear blue sky.


The OK button is shaped like a propeller.