Slot machine for SALE – “Goddess of Olympus”

Slot machine for SALE – “Goddess of Olympus”



Greek Themed online slot game

Very often we give compliments, comparing a beautiful girl with Aphrodite, and a stately young man with Apollo. And this is not surprising. After all, the life of the gods of Olympus has always been the main plot in ancient Greek culture. The myths about the Olympians have been embodied in literature, sculpture and the visual arts. And modern authors continue to draw inspiration from the legends of the gods of Ancient Greece. Remember what passions were in full swing on Olympus! Is it possible to remain indifferent to the beauty of Aphrodite or the courage of Artemis? The “Goddess of Olympus” slot will appeal not only to history buffs. It is for everyone who loves harmony and admires beauty. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The game reels are made in light gray color. It symbolizes the stones of Mount Olympus itself, on which the gods lived. The sectors are vertically separated by golden lines. The font is stylized like the Greek alphabet. In the lower left corner there is a place for the player’s avatar and name. The progress bar around the avatar shows the progress of the game. In the lower right corner there is a “Spin” button. It is made in the form of an ancient Greek amphora.



Three characters are drawn on the game background – a young man and two girls. The mirror in the hands of one of them is a reference to the myth of the victory over Medusa the Gorgon. The tunic of one of the girls bares her breasts. The demonstration of a beautiful body was typical of the culture of Ancient Greece. The gods were often depicted naked or half-naked. Likewise, the young man demonstrates a trained torso, strong arms and legs on the playing background. All the heroes of the plot are dressed in Greek tunics. The image on the background resembles the painting of Greek ceramics. A recognizable geometric ornament – a meander – is used for decoration. Such borders were often used for decoration in Greece.



Scatter symbol is a beautiful young god, patron of the arts Apollo. He is easily recognizable by the laurel wreath on his head. If you believe the legend, it was no coincidence that laurel was Apollo’s favorite plant. Once Apollo made fun of the deity of love, Cupid. And in revenge, Cupid pierced the heart of the young god with a sharp arrow of love for a nymph named Daphne. Desperately in love, Apollo was unable to achieve reciprocity. The nymph ran away and Apollo, succumbing to passion, was able to catch up with her. The nymph categorically did not want to become one of Apollo’s lovers. She prayed for help and turned into a laurel tree. Apollo is often depicted with a wreath of laurel branches on his head.

And the culprit of this story, Cupid, is depicted on the Wild symbol. He has other names – Cupid or Eros. The deity of attraction, the son and assistant of the goddess of love Aphrodite, Cupid ruled the hearts and will of people. He was introduced as a boy with a bow and arrow.
Both symbols are framed in a blue heptagonal frame, decorated with a border ornament.

The next row of symbols is the beautiful ancient Greek goddesses. The warrior maiden Athena with a helmet on her head symbolizes intelligence and ingenuity. Athena was considered the goddess of military strategy and tactics. She was also worshiped as the patroness of knowledge and crafts. Another symbol with the forever young goddess of the hunt Artemis. She was identified with the moon and was often depicted with a crescent moon in her hair. By the way, Apollo, the brother of Artemis, was identified with the sun. Artemis was still considered the goddess of fertility and the patroness of all life on Earth. And, of course, we could not ignore Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love. The beautiful Olympic goddess helped the lovers reunite. But at the same time, she punished those who refused or neglected love. Many myths have been written about Aphrodite. Legends about the goddess of love have inspired artists, sculptors and poets for centuries. Suffice it to recall the famous painting by Botticelli “The Birth of Venus”, which shows the myth of the birth of Aphrodite from sea foam. Another famous painting is Titian’s “Aphrodite and Adonis”. Often, painters depicted Aphrodite with golden hair. All symbols are framed in a golden square frame.

Three more symbols are monochrome portraits of goddesses in profile. We seem to be looking at the sculptures of the best masters who were able to depict the beautiful inhabitants of Olympus in stone. These symbols are framed with laurel wreaths.

And finally, the last row of symbols – symbols of the gods, decorated with olive branches. It is easy to recognize the symbol of the feminine principle – the Mirror of Venus.



The goddesses greet the players on the game results screens. We see a large canvas depicting vases of various shapes. A sign with a total score is above it.



In case of victory, the reels are darkened on the greeting screens. An inscription appears on the background with information about the amount of the win. Depending on the amount of win, the font color and size change. The font is stylized like the Greek alphabet.



On the greeting screen, in the case of Jackpot, the game background and the reel are darkened. A portrait of the goddess appears with a congratulation from her.



Paytables are decorated on a light gray background and decorated with a border ornament



The background and the reel are darkened on the greeting screens in case of receiving bonus games. The text with information about the win is placed on the background of a light canvas with a golden edging at the bottom. The OK button is made in the form of an amphora.