Book of Destiny



The hot sun rises above the pyramids. Khepri-scarab, as a great symbol, personifying the sun, constantly monitors the changing times and generations of the great dynasties. The golden and velvet rivers of deserted sand invite you to go in search of adventure. Who is destined to sit on the throne of the pharaoh? Boiling cash flows help build magnificent pyramids. Treasure hunters, meanwhile, do not forget about offerings to the supreme deities in order to receive their mercy.

The five-reel video slot has a classic structure, and the game grid has a 5×3 format. Above the reels are images of various deities, each of which can bring unprecedented profits. Among the thematic series of the gaming machine there are objects of culture, everyday life, religious orientation. This is the mask of Tutankhamun – one of the greatest Egyptian pharaohs; a small figurine of Isis; image of a mysterious pendant; portrait of an archaeologist; stylized card values from 10 to A. Each element of the game process emphasizes the atmosphere of mystery and was created with the aim to immerse the user in the process, forcing to find an adventurous streak in his soul.



The slot machine attracts with its colorful background design. The morning sun rises above the powerful pyramid, coloring it in golden color. The vast sands of terracotta color add intrigue and picturesque. At the top of the pyramid we can see a scarab beetle – a symbol of the Sun lifting and pushing ahead of itself in the sky. Bright and sophisticated colors make the game fascinating, because the sun brings warmth and light.



The night space behind the reels gives mystery to the events and creates an atmosphere of a riddle that only a desperate player can solve. Golden colors were replaced by all shades of blue under the influence of moonlight in the starry sky. So quiet, quiet … Only the torches on the sides remind of the sunlight, and somewhere in the distance, camels walk on the dunes.



The symbols of the slot machine offer an interesting story told in a new way. The upper symbols tell that an archaeologist, a bit like Indiana Jones, sets off on a journey full of adventure and unpredictable dangers. His goal is to take possession of the book of destiny, guarded by a scarab, which is the oldest artifact that carries all the secrets of the universe. The feminine goddess Isis, with whose help you can cast any spells and subdue all the mysterious forces of the world. A golden amulet with a green stone and mysterious inscriptions – is this perhaps the key? No one can imagine what is hidden under the mystical mask of Tutankhamun. Symbols of the lower level – denominations of card signs, are stylized according to common theme and correspond to the general style of the gameplay.





Variant of gold symbols. They look like kissed by the sun. Gold is mesmerizing and dizzying to millions of people. Thirsty to possess the “metal of the gods” was always more than enough. Gold has always been a symbol of power and wealth, but you should be more careful, because it killed not only individuals, but also became the reason for the destruction of entire cities.






In one of the additional levels, the player is invited to hit the road to the bonus round and become the chosen one, who will reveal all the secrets and find hidden treasures. Against the background of a pyramid drowning in a solar eclipse, 12 gold coins with the image of a sacred beetle will appear. The player has only three attempts to become the owner of a large amount of wealth of one of the gods. Which of them will bring the jackpot and which one? Can try to cajole them?



The scarab fulfills even the most cherished desires, mentally asking to fulfill the dream, therefore it is considered a symbol of rebirth, a new beginning and positive changes. And also scarab bestows luck in all matters and incredible luck. He will become a conductor to the gods who can bestow untold wealth.




The Book Symbol is also the key to activating free spins. When three or more of these signs appear on the reels, the player receives 10 free spins and a gold symbol. The player does not pay for the spins, but a reward is awarded to him.



Thanks to the animation elements, well-chosen color scheme – this is what, without a doubt, every gambler will be delighted.


The victory in the game can be considered not only a good mood, but also a significant jackpot in the form, pleasing to the eye, of the sums on the expanded papyrus scroll.



Unfolding parchment with the winning amount, playing with the sun’s rays, will attract the attention of the player and will not leave anyone indifferent.

To decipher the secrets of the book, you have to collect the golden symbols. The more gold in the book, the greater the chance of increasing the chances of more significant prizes.



The image of a falcon, dressed in solar robes and with a golden beak, personifies the great Ra – the god of the sun. In addition to warmth and light, he will give the player a green mini-jackot.


The sacred animal – a cat with the head of which depicts Bastet – the ancient Egyptian goddess of love and fun, will delight Minor jackpot.



But the Anubis – the deity of the underworld, in our case in the purple color will not harm anyone, – in the form of Major jackpot



Golden Apis – a sacred bull, having its own temple can be generous with the Grand jackpot. Each win has its own color. The largest is red, personifying the red-hot sun in the heart with the delight of victory.





Fireworks of emotions absorb any at the sight of fiery inscriptions with the sum of the gain. Arising, fading and arising again… Fountains of sparks forming such cherished words: BIG WIN, MEGA WIN, SUPER WIN, INSANE WIN.
Fiery inscriptions, fancifully changing the location, color and shape, depending on the amount, which allows you to create a special, dynamic atmosphere and enhances the sense of reality of what is happening. This will be the most spectacular finale!











The most intriguing moment is a multifunctional symbol depicted in the form of a book of destiny. It is both a wild, a bonus and a jackpot. As a wild symbol, it replaces regular and low symbols. As a bonus, landing in quantity of or more in arbitrary positions, the book activates 10 Free Spins. It also activates the jackpot of the gods. In addition to all possible prize options, it will increase several times the amount of winnings, depending on the quantity. In general, the player is given tremendous chances to receive rewards.


Spectacular design, an abundance of bonus features, special symbols make the game exciting. The payout table will help you become more familiar with the rules and features of the simulator.



Each symbol in the slot has its own value and function. For the main symbols payout is more. So the archaeologist will bring more money. Tutankhamun’s mask is in second place in payments, after it – is a figurine and an amulet. On the reels there are card signs – they have a minimum price.



The book is unique in its unusual round of free spins. When three or more of these symbols appear on the reels, the player receives 10 free spins, where ordinary symbols are replaced with gold, which gives the machine more mystery and brightness.



Once in the prize game with a jackpot, you are guaranteed to win it. Which one is up to you. During this bonus game, 12 coins will appear on the screen. Flip one coin at a time. Having collected 3 identical symbols, you will win the corresponding jackpot. The main characters of the game are Ra, Bastet, Anubis and Apis. Indeed, in this game there are as many as four progressive jackpots! The smallest is Mini Jackpot, followed by Minor Jackpot, Major Jackpot and, finally, the largest – Grand Jackpot. Even with small bets, you can claim the largest of them.



The winning combination is collected by matching the same symbols on the payline, which is presented in 10 options. Combinations are read from left to right.



“Book of Destiny” stands out not only for its excellent graphics and animation, but also for its many bonus rounds, as well as multi-level jackpots, which undoubtedly will appeal to all fans of slot games.