Female style of gambling

Female style of gambling


If someone says that a woman does not like to risk, do not believe! Woman is as gambling as a man. And in some cases even lucky. And this proves many examples, when ladies spent time in the casino, won fabulous amounts.


Women and casinos – concepts compatible




History has many names of women who could not imagine themselves without games. Gambling was loved by celebrities, as well as modern actors, singers and queens of glamour. Of course, there are many examples of a lady losing a lot of money because of her passion. For example, Nefertiti, Empress Anna Ionanovna, Queen Marie Antoinette, could not cope with themselves and gave up huge sums. But many women have been successful in gambling.

Famous movie diva Marilyn Monroe spent a lot of time at the slots of the best casinos in Las Vegas. The lady especially loved blackjack. In the 19th century, American Annie Duke caught $4 million in poker. Agree, to beat her record will be difficult for any male player.

The scandalous glamorous lady Paris Hilton and Alla Pugacheva enjoy their time at the tables. By the way, Paris is a regular visitor to numerous casinos in the United States and even managed to lose 30 thousand dollars on her birthday. And domestic celebrity Alla Pugacheva was very upset when casinos were closed in Russia, so she often visited different countries to play.

Today, many ladies play online slots. They also learn card deals and try to catch good luck. And they are good at it. After all, every female player has an advantage over a man:

  • The woman perceives the game as entertainment, not as an opportunity to earn;
  • The woman calmly responds to the emerging situation;
  • Beautiful women are more intuitive.



Of course, professional players among the fair sex are less. After all, ladies play mainly for fun and interest, not professionally. Note that women more often want to play online slot machines, as they do not have to feel pressure. The atmosphere of the game is also more calm and comfortable.

As you can see, ladies love excitement, and games on the machines for them are not alien. But only for them this game is entertaining and relaxing.