Luck and Casino

Luck and Casino


Surely you had to hear someone’s statements that he was catastrophically unlucky in the casino. It is possible with firm confidence to say that such a person, at least, himself is mistaken in his convictions. The success of the game in the casino, in most cases, is only partly due to personal luck. In the rest, it depends on skills, experience, correctly chosen strategy and superiority over other players.


If a person wins regularly in games such as blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat and others, it’s not about his luck. Most likely, he spent a lot of time mastering all the nuances of the game and skillfully uses them. When it comes to different types of sports poker, it’s only possible to talk about luck in separate episodes. In general, its one is not enough even for a victory in one tournament, not to mention regular success.
There is probably only one casino game in which your skills are useless. It’s about slot machines. Rare institution does without slots in its walls. And this is not surprising, because every random visitor can play in them, and his chances of success will be no less than that of a professional professional. Nobody knows which machine will issue a jackpot, and at what point in time it can happen. Therefore, to try your luck at slot machines, you only need a wish. The rules of the game on each of the slots can be independently mastered in a couple of minutes, and in the future you will need only the favor of fortune. All the advice experienced players about the most profitable strategy – just their personal misconceptions, which is useless to follow. In rare cases, this is the ability to use software failures, but this practice borders on fraud.


In this case, it should be borne in mind that slots are one of the most profitable types of gambling for the player. Some of them return almost one hundred percent of the money invested in them. To achieve the same low advantage of a casino, say, in blackjack, you must accurately play the basic strategy and even count cards. And in slot machines this is available to every casino visitor.
Therefore, it remains only to learn how to wisely manage their funds, do not get carried away beyond measure and stop in time. Why, then, do many regular casino visitors so disparagingly refer to gambling machines? Probably, this is a question of psychology. First, the game process is very fast. Secondly, the lack of the need to think and make decisions depresses many players. Thirdly, they want to apply the knowledge they have gained in practice, and slots equalize newcomers and professionals. Among other reasons, one can also mention the need for human communication, the frivolous interface of automata, the general frivolous attitude towards them, and many others. In the end, many players just do not want to rely entirely on luck and prefer to independently influence the outcome of the game.


Undoubtedly, slot machines can be strongly advised to casino visitors who do not understand the rules of other games. On slots they can have a great time, and the result will not depend on their knowledge and experience. If we talk about regulars of the casino, among them, adherents of slot machines rarely come across, even if their successes in other games are far from consolatory. It may seem paradoxical, but they prefer to play large amounts of blackjack, poker and roulette just to ensure that the outcome depends on their decisions.