Five secrets from the Casino World

Five secrets from the Casino World


We recently found an interesting article on a major Yahoo portal, in which the president of one of the New York casinos told about five secrets from the casino world that you did not know about!

Secret # 1: Casino wants you to make bets within reasonable

You may be surprised, but the casino does not want you to leave “in your underpants” immediately after your first visit to the casino. In New York, every visitor to a gambling establishment spends an average of $ 100, and the president says: “Better let them spend $ 75 comfortable, but come back again.” He also said that there are some rules of propriety, so that society does not bend, and with great losses this affects the loser very much, as well as the society around him – this should not be allowed. In order to feel good in the casino, namely, to enjoy the atmosphere, free food, drinks and the rest, it is not necessary to come to the casino with a suitcase full of greenery.

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Secret # 2: Casinos have a very strong influence on the economy of the region

Casinos create jobs, pay larger taxes than ordinary businesses, and are also responsible for the tourism component of the region. As an example, we bring a casino in New York, which for 4 years has created 1500 jobs, and paid more than a billion dollars to the state treasury! In total, in the US, all casinos shared with the state nearly 9 billion dollars, how much useful can you do for this money? There are still interesting figures for 2016: there are 332 thousand people working in the casino industry in the US, which totaled $ 13.2 billion.

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Secret # 3: always use the casino customer card

The regular customer card allows not only the casino itself to monitor how active you are, but it also allows you to reward you depending on your success. Frequent customers often get free trips by taxi, free night at a casino hotel, and cashback (a refund from spent money).


Secret # 4: Americans lose a lot

According to statistics from the company h2 Gaming Capital, in 2013, Americans left more than 115 billion dollars in gambling establishments. US gamblers lose the most all around the world, and this is a fact. The president of the New York Casino said: “What can we say? The casinos are built in such a way that they eventually win. It’s business. ” But other figures are amazing: about 80% of all Americans play in the casino (ie at least once a year they played a game of chance). In England, people enjoy enjoying a pint of beer after a day’s work, and in the states people go to the casino. So to speak, to each his own!

Secret # 5: there are tricks to draw more players out of the players

The casinos are trying their best to leave you in the gaming hall for as long as possible. People have studied human psychology for years, and for this purpose there are special developments of the most successful casino hall layouts, or for example the design of slot machines. Studies have shown that red colors and fast flashing lights on slots cause players to bet their bets at times faster. Women spend more money when there are few people in the room around them. Pleasant smells coming through the vent pipe can increase a person’s gambling – and this is used by some offline casinos.