Casino Cashback

Casino Cashback


Casino players often lose. Even professionals regularly remain in the red, not to mention beginners and inexperienced users. Unfortunately for players, and fortunately for operators, in the gambling industry, gambling enthusiasts lose money daily, hourly, and even every minute. The whole gambling industry is based on this. If visitors to establishments have always won, this industry would have faded before it had time to develop.

How to keep a player in the casino from whom luck is turned away?

Agree, if you lose a lot in one online casino, there is a big temptation to change it to another. Especially often this is done by superstitious people or players who doubt the honesty of the casino. What are operators doing to make unlucky players come back? They offer them a variety of bonuses. Perhaps the most effective in this case is the cashback. It will be discussed further.



What is a cashback casino?

Let’s start with the definition of the term: Cashback – return to the client part of the money lost. The amount of the cashback is calculated by the total amount that the player left in the Casino. The second parameter is a certain percentage, predetermined by the rules of the action. It may depend on various criteria:

  • User Status;
  • Customer Activities;
  • Loss amounts and so on.

The basic principle of cashback was not invented in gambling. For many decades, it has been used in the banking industry. Some well-known banks have made profitable cashback conditions their main “chip”, attracting numerous customers.



Types of cashback online casinos

What is casino cashback like? There are no uniform rules of the campaign in gambling, so each institution can enter its own conditions. Note that the vast majority of operators accrue cashback for Net Losses. Promotions are much less common, according to which the return is calculated according to other criteria: the amount of deposits, total revenue, or some other parameters.

Let us single out the main characteristics of the cashback by which it can be conditionally classified:

  • Client type – Is this a promotion for new or regular customers, for all players or VIP?
  • Frequency – Accrued daily, weekly, monthly or according to some other schedule?
  • Size – What is the percentage of cashback calculation? It can start from 1% and reach very large indicators.
  • Amount – Is there a maximum limit? Often you can’t get more than the set amount.
  • Games – Do all games earn cashback? Sometimes it acts only on certain slots or is not provided on specified models.
  • Units – Is cashback paid in real money or bonus credits? In the second case, you can only play on it.
  • Wager – If cashback is provided in the form of bonuses, how many times do you need to wager it?
  • Compatibility with other promotions – Can I participate in several events at the same time?

Often, online casinos introduce individual cashback conditions for players whom it considers “promising”.



VIP cashback at online casinos

The best online casinos provide VIP customers with cashback on special conditions. This is expressed as follows:

  • First of all, the percentage increases.
  • There are usually no maximum limits.
  • Refunds are provided either with real money or bonus funds with a minimum wager.
  • Cashback can be charged often or on a flexible schedule.

In addition, other services and promotions may supplement it.


How to relate to cashback in a Casino? Should I count on it? How effective is this promotion for customers? Does it play only a casino on hand?

When you consider the offers of a new online casino, you don’t want to think about losing. The head revolves around large payouts, generous bonuses, free spins, comp points and other attractive features. But the reality is harsh. It is merciless to people who don’t take off their pink glasses. Remember: All regular casino customers periodically lose. Therefore, if the casino has a cashback system with favorable conditions, consider it as a bold plus.