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We're glad to welcome you in our company's blog! Here we place the most fresh and interesting news, which inform about the development progress of slot machine graphics for the online casino and offline terminals, AWP terminals and VLT terminals. You can see the process of creating the slot machines from the sketches to 2D and 3D games, take a look at the stages of modeling, as well as enjoy the final version of the thematic objects and elements of our slot machine graphic. All this and much more we will present in the form of illustrations, and you will have the opportunity to express your opinion in the comments. Follow us!


Slot Machines: Useful Tips for Gambling Lovers

Casinos offer a wide variety of slot machines. Classic or more modern, they are great gamble games. Today you can play slot machines for free or for real money. Consider useful tips on how to make this type of leisure time successful.   Slot Machines: Useful Tips for Gambling Lovers […]

Saint Patrick’s Day – 2021! PROMO!

Especially for this holiday, we offer our customers a discount up to 30% on slots in our store, which are dedicated to Irish Theme – Buy Now !!!   All symbols are animated. An ad with a portrait of a cowboy folds and unfolds. The girl seductively dances kan-kan and demonstrates […]

What are the types of gamblers? Do you recognize yourself?

Gamblers are constantly looking for a thrill when playing slots that are plentiful on the internet. It seems that they are all united in their impulses. However, every gambler is different from each other. I wonder what type of player you are? Perhaps our categories will help you get to […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Rich Pirates”

  Pirates Themed online slot machine Pirates as characters are often can be found in literature and in painting. They are even present in children’s books. It is enough to remember the story about Peter Pan – and the image of Captain Hook immediately appears in the memory. Pirates have […]

How to start playing at an online casino?

So, you are interested in online gambling and decided to try your hand at virtual casinos. If you have not reached the age of majority, we immediately recommend postponing this venture for the future and closing the article. The information provided below is intended for adult users who are independently […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Crazy Monkeys”

 Monkey Themed online slot machine If you’ve ever watched monkeys in a zoo, a nature reserve, or even on a television show, you’ve probably noticed the difference between them. Some are more mobile, do not sit still for a minute. Others, on the contrary, enjoy peace. Some are sociable, strive […]

Top 5 Tips for Online Casino Gaming Safety

Safe gaming is a prerequisite for a good gambling establishment. Consider how to choose it and what to consider in order not to make a mistake in your choice. A large selection of gambling establishments makes users doubt whether they have chosen the right casino. Each club offers its own […]

Women in gambling: the history of evolution

Since the mid-1950s, gambling has been largely dominated by men. From casino staff to executive positions, they were overwhelmingly male. However, in recent decades, the role of women in play has become more prevalent. They gain credibility in all aspects – they can be seen as professional players, business leaders, […]

Mobile Versions for online slot machines

Slot machines for mobile are the familiar slots presented on our website. They are specially designed for portable gadgets: smartphones and tablets. Today, gambling software manufacturers consider mobile platforms as one of the most promising. Therefore, new machines are initially developed for further distribution on online platforms and in mobile […]

Meet Halloween!!! Trick or Sweet!!!

    Nowadays, Halloween is the most horrible holiday in the World. Our game designers made NEW online slot machines for this thematic holiday. Here you are:   Specially by the day of all the saints, we prepared a special festive set of graphic materials and illustrations for the game slot machine […]

Why do casinos use chips instead of cash?

Chips are the worldwide currency of gambling and poker games. There is a lot of money spinning in gambling establishments, but it all starts with these little round chips. So why are casinos using them instead of cash?   Psychology The main reason casinos prefer them over cash is because […]

TOP-5 Roulette strategies

Roulette is one of the most popular games of chance. There are many varieties of it. One of them is French roulette – this is the closest game to the classic game, but with interesting additional features. It is they who allow the players to get high wins. But if […]

Macau advocates limited online gambling legalization

In Macau, a senior lawmaker has called on the government to consider legalizing some forms of online gambling to help the city’s public treasury recover from the ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic. According to a report from Inside Asian Gaming, Jose Maria Pereira Coutinho has been a member of […]

Online casino games approved in Germany

German lawmakers officially allowed online gambling in Germany after the highly restrictive GlüneuRStV regulatory framework was enacted. However, the new regulatory framework will enter into force no earlier than July 1, 2021. The new German restrictive framework has very sophisticated regulations for the protection of players and measures that should […]

Online Casino Mirrors

Have you ever opened your favorite online casino and saw an unfamiliar address in the browser address bar? Inexperienced users are often intimidated by this, and they begin to rush about, trying to figure out what happened. While the likelihood of fraudulent activity on the part of hackers and other […]

Downloading Online Casino

Online casinos have become part of the lives of many gambling enthusiasts. This direction of gambling is rapidly developing, and, taking into account current trends, we can confidently say that its popularity will only increase in the coming years.   The advantages of an online casino are undeniable and obvious: […]

The best time to play in a Casino

So, when is the best time to play online casino? How to determine the best time to play in online casinos? Just note: Next, we’ll talk about honest casinos and licensed software certified by independent auditors. This refers to decent operators that do not offer fake slots and do not […]

“Health and safety are now in the first place,” – Evoplay Business Development Manager

How do online gambling software manufacturers work in the context of the coronavirus pandemic? What should gambling developers focus on? Where to look for new customers after canceling exhibitions and conferences? How to adapt to the new reality caused by COVID-19?   Interview with Vladimir Malakchi from Evoplay – How […]

Casinos vs COVID-19

Coronavirus hurts Casinos across the World   The crisis associated with the coronavirus pandemic hit Las Vegas especially hard – after all, no state in America is more dependent on tourism than Nevada. Instead of gambling, locals are now lining up for food assistance. Las Vegas is the antithesis of the […]

Responsible Gaming at Online Casinos

Decent Online Casinos have an important section, which only a few customers drop by. Most likely, you yourself didn’t even open this page and probably didn’t carefully examine its contents, believing that the information published there does not concern you. Guess what this is about? We are talking about the section […]

Cryptocurrency in the online casino industry

Now, many companies use cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. And no wonder, because in recent years cryptocurrencies have literally driven the whole world crazy. More and more individuals and companies rely on them to make payments. Some even buy houses for cryptocurrency, which once again confirms the growing popularity and widespread […]

“People still want to play” – Tim Grice, Connective3

The coronavirus pandemic to one degree or another has affected  all spheres of human lives. The gaming industry is no exception. The operators of offline casinos faced the greatest problems, however, representatives of other industries also faced significant difficulties. talked to Tim Grice, founder and head of Connective3, a […]

How to win in a Casino? Universal cheat sheet for beginners

This article is unlikely to teach experienced casino clients something new. But it will be very useful for novice users who need a universal tip on gambling. You can consider it a kind of cheat sheet that provides general information on this topic. The following describes the most profitable games, […]

The most important thing about Chance in Gambling

Most of the players that mathematics helps to win in gambling, but not all regular customers of the casino bother themselves with a deep study of this complex science. The average user can do without mathematical formulas, complex calculations and statistics. And it is hardly worth blaming the player for […]

The best slot machines about Aladdin adventures

Aladdin is one of the most popular characters in the fairy tale series “1001 Nights”. In 1992, Walt Disney Studios shot a full-length animated film based on the story of this brave hero, which was very warmly received by the audience and was even awarded two Oscars. Casino software developers […]

How do Online Casinos ensure the safety of clients funds?

Many gamblers still don’t want to become clients of online casinos due to the uncertainty that their funds will be safe. Indeed, this is a very serious matter. We will try to provide in sufficient detail and accessibility information on how the security of accounts and personal information of online […]

Online casino games cataloging methods

If you often visit many online casinos, you probably noticed that the institutions catalog the offered games in different ways. On some sites, all models are literally divided into several groups by species, and on other similar sections there can be one and a half to two dozen. Below we’ll […]

The Best Logotypes for slot machines

As much as we wouldn’t like, but creating a logo is not a wave of a magic wand. The logo can’t make a bad product successful, therefore the quality of our products is more important for us. However, a properly designed logo design will always help a good product to realize […]

Casino Cashback

Casino players often lose. Even professionals regularly remain in the red, not to mention beginners and inexperienced users. Unfortunately for players, and fortunately for operators, in the gambling industry, gambling enthusiasts lose money daily, hourly, and even every minute. The whole gambling industry is based on this. If visitors to […]

The Best Slot Machines for New Year & Christmas Theme (Part II)

Unusual, bright and interesting – these are New Year & Christmas slots On the eve of the Winter Holidays, everyone is in a good mood, as the anticipation of the New Year miracle and receiving gifts leaves no one indifferent. Our developers of online slots know how to please fans of […]