What exactly triggers casino players

What exactly triggers casino players


What prevents a player from taking a targeted action and what, on the contrary, triggers? Is the motivation of new and experienced players different? Well, let’s go on to the most interesting, and answer the following questions: What motivates you to play? How does a player choose a casino? What repels the casino? What attracts the casino?



Motivation for the first game

The most common answers among the surveyed players were:

  • For the company;
  • From boredom “Friends won, I also want to”;
  • Desire to earn.

Casino in the space

Motivation for subsequent games

The player’s motives change. In the following times they most often visit the casino for the following reasons:

  • Desire to earn;
  • Excitement and desire to get emotions;
  • Need to play;
  • Having free time.


How Players Choose New Casinos

If we are talking about beginners, when choosing a product they rely on feedback from acquaintances, streamers, active discussions on the Internet and so on. They can also enter the product through advertising, but focus on it to a lesser extent. It happens spontaneously: seen – registered.

Experienced players believe that if a brand has recently entered the market, it has a higher return. Their main goal is to earn money, so they deliberately go to play for new products. A very important factor for both categories – good first deposit bonuses.



What helps players to make targeted action through the affiliate site

And here are the triggers for accessing the affiliate site and successful interaction with it:

  • Indication of official site in snippet;
  • Clear and visible calls for action;
  • Brand-like design;
  • Actual content;
  • Application availability (80% of users use APK (.apk)).

If the user likes the site, it will add it to the bookmarks browser.

The motivation for the game for different categories of users differs: if newcomers play for the company more often, an experienced player first wants to earn. But everyone loves bonuses, promotional codes and free spins, so having such information on your site will increase conversion. Always check the validity of bonuses!

Many people enter the casino via mobile devices, so the ability to download the app (APK) will also positively affect the conversion. Use a similar design to the official site, as most respondents do not understand what is on the mirror site rather than the official site.

Work carefully with the cross-brand, as it can negatively affect not only conversion, but also return.