The history of slot machines

The history of slot machines

Slot machines

First slot machine


Slot machines originated in the saloons of the Wild West. Then an American mechanic Charles Fay in the mid-1880s came up with his first slot, called «Liberty Bell», the Liberty Bell. With patriotism, however, such a resounding nickname had little in common – the whole thing was over in a design. Fai in his garage fashioned became for decades a classic scheme: The unit consists of 3 drives to put on them symbols that using pen flick started to rotate at different speeds. If you roll a series of three identical images, the player wins. The maximum amount of time to come as “three bells” and amounted to only $ 0.5, for a total of 10 coins for 5 cents.

Then it was invented by a special separator that allows to detect counterfeit coins or slips instead tokens. At first prize is often significantly lower than the rates issued no device – such a mechanism simply did not exist, and by the host institution. Fai was wise and far-sighted, offering a billiard saloons and his invention of the half of the total revenue from gamblers. Within 10 years, he became the owner of a thriving business. But even before this machine was invented version Jackpot system. She has not received proper distribution as winning the maximum amount does not depend on luck or lack of it, and the weight of the coins. It’s simple – in the unit was a storage unit with a partition, when she could not stand the weight of the metal, money poured in themselves. Of course, the owners it was not profitable.

In the early twentieth century. in the United States, many manufacturers have picked up a fashionable trend, and in each drinking establishments most provincial village can be found gambling machines. The design of them were similar, differing only in the number of reels and symbols – at some point, they began to card symbols: diamonds, clubs, spades and hearts.




Games benefit

It was then and there was a specific type of activity – “a professional player.” It would seem that when it comes to maps, everything is clear, but how a person can beat a random number generator? On closer inspection, the number is not so random, what looked at first glance. A simple calculation can be calculated that in the game on a 4-drum machine with 25 symbols on each and one jackpot, the chance to break the bank was equal to 1 390 625. Desperate luck catchers had only to wait until the winning did not come nearer to 390 625 coins to attack the machine with a decent amount of money and play, still, waiting for the jackpot. Of course, this strategy does not always fire, and worked for the insurance because more than one person, and the entire company of professionals, who divided in case of victory the whole win together. However, windfall luckcatchers and holders of machines soon ceased to be repaid, as the government has decided to ban the illegal business. Not surprising, because neither winning nor from the unit no one paid a dime of taxes.

Gum instead of money

What to do with all the myriad of gaming machines and accustomed recklessly pull the handle people that were left out in the cold? It was decided the only right decision in such a situation: to convert the units – they are now sold not able to get easy money, and chewing gum. Pictures drums with card symbols have been replaced with images of fruit, each of which is designated the taste of gum. In the gap, as in the past, throw coins, pen fell, and in the window depending on the match flew bright bar. The tradition has taken root so that the slots in England still called fruit machine.




Slots in Vegas

In the postwar period, when particularly like entertainment and holiday seekers rich new experiences from all over America and Europe flocked to Las Vegas to play in a casino. And while the gentlemen experienced success in green woolen tables with poker and roulette, bored ladies were sent to the enterprising owners of gaming machines.

So slowly but surely “one-armed bandit” was to take a loyal following in the new time.

By the way, so odious name was coined at the very beginning of the history of the machine. It was not only in the design – the player always pulled the lever with one hand, but also to the “greedy” and “dishonest” nature of the game itself.

1964 was a turning point for the business in the “one-armed bandit”: Bally Manufacturing Company has launched a gaming machine «Money Honey», for the first time present the electronic component.

The car has become much more fun with lights, loud sounds and music, and also provided an opportunity for players to use coins of different denominations.




Video game machines

Even some 10 years and gamblers again waiting for a surprise – the 1975 Walt Frehley was patented the first video game that allowed to “twist” the drums on the unit’s display.

Just a fan of good old Bandit such innovation does not have to taste – too strange, too new, too unreliable, because with all its disadvantages, the standard machines people trusted.

But enterprising businessmen saw in this innovation for yourself a lot of prospects and no mistake! The company International Game Technology (IGT) has invested money by buying the game «Fortune Coin» together with the manufacturer.

The market exploded lineup of new games, and just after 4 years was developed Video Poker, at times accelerated the already considerable popularity of video slots.

Electronics every year becomes more and more machines are updated, the old casino demolished and in their place were built more luxurious building, which housed the new machines.

It changes not only the appearance of the slot machine – casino hosts developed additional bonus systems and integration Jackpot first among the several States, and then, the whole country.

Such mega-networks were able to accumulate huge sums Jackpot, enticing players multimillion sums, which could get not through poker chips and fabulous rate, and just something to throw a coin into the slot.

And it was not even a lie – to claim the prize has now become much easier than, say 100 years ago, at the dawn of the era of slot machines, as a mega-network allows not only play fast, but also to accumulate new Jackpot fast!

However, no innovation could slow down the widespread love for the classic “one-armed bandits”, equalized in the 80th with the most popular card games and roulette.

And in the 90s, just imagine all the other machines went around gambling and began to bring Nevada casinos and Melbourne at least 2/3 of the profits!

Then, in 1996, the Australian company system multiline slot machines was developed. This means that every round of rotation of the drums (jargon words – back), the player can’t  put on a single line, as before, but just a few – of course, this increases the chances of winning.

This innovation is bound to appear in various casinos in Atlantic City, in the US, attracting more attention. Such devices hunters carried out fast money much more time, and it is not surprising, because some of them offering 10 lines with separate rates for each payment at a time.


 Video slot machines online

Internet Era couldn’t raise such a profitable business. Now it is not necessary to go to a casino to spend a little money in the pursuit of success.

Just type the name of the site in the address bar (for example, 777 units), and the monitor will arise a picture that simulates a conventional slot machine. We just need to make a bet, and you can start playing!

Even the all-knowing Wikipedia provides an explanation of each button slot machine:

  1. To start click on the Spin button.
  2. To place a bet, and designate the amount by clicking on Bet.
  3. N-Lines is useful for placement of lines, which can determine the winnings.
  4. Collect – allow at any time to stop the game and withdraw money from the account


That’s how easy it is to play on the machine, without leaving home. Another question worth doing? Especially if we are talking about real money. It is no coincidence gambling always teetered on the semi-legal grounds.

To know about slot machines is necessary, because this is another page of the multifaceted history of mankind, but if they try themselves to you.