Responsible Gaming at Online Casinos

Responsible Gaming at Online Casinos


Decent Online Casinos have an important section, which only a few customers drop by. Most likely, you yourself didn’t even open this page and probably didn’t carefully examine its contents, believing that the information published there does not concern you.

Guess what this is about? We are talking about the section “Responsible Gaming”. It is devoted to ways of counteracting gambling, available to the institution, identifying its signs and overcoming ludomania.



A few words about sincerity

It may seem that gambling establishments are cunning when they offer a set of measures aimed at combating ludomania. Indeed, they are interested in making you lose as much as possible. But casinos with competent management understand that you should not lose to the smithereens. It is more profitable for them that you remain their client for many years and come back with pleasure every time.

Moreover, in many countries there are laws under which gambling operators are obliged to counteract the development of gambling among clients. They should at least indicate the contact details of organizations professionally involved in the problem. But most gambling portals are not limited to this.

Let’s understand how online casinos help customers deal with gambling addiction. The following are the main methods that are offered in most large and decent institutions.


Self limitation

Many online casinos enable customers to set various restrictions on their own. The framework should be determined in advance. You will not be able to marry them during the gameplay. Consider the main options:

  • Time limits – In your account you must specify how long you can stay in the casino. Once the limit is reached, you will not be allowed to play further. You can continue the game only after a certain period.
  • Deposit limits – Also, casinos allow you to set the maximum amount that you can deposit into your account during the day, week or month. If you want to expand the restrictions, you will have to wait some time (for example, seven days) before the changes take effect.
  • Bet Limits – Similarly, you can specify the maximum amount that you will bet on the bet. You will not be allowed to raise your bid by the monitoring program of your actions.
  • Limits of Losses – Indicate in advance how much you can afford to lose. Once you reach the limit, the game for you today will end.

Despite the skepticism of many users about the system of self-restrictions, they are a very effective way to combat gambling. At the “moments of enlightenment,” the client, angry at himself and gambling, sets hard limits that hold him back when he again succumbs to addiction.


Suspend Accounts

It’s good for any avid player to take time outs from time to time. You can suspend your account for a specified period. You won’t be allowed to play until it expires, even if you tearfully beg support staff or administration representatives. Minimum and maximum periods depend on the policies of online casinos. They should be clarified on each individual portal.


Casino customers self exclusion

If you decide that it’s enough for you to play in an online casino, you can block your account. Theoretically, you do this forever, but in most institutions it is allowed to restore the account after six months or after another time.


Reminders during the game

Some sites remind too keen customers about the prolonged gaming session. Between the rounds, a message appears on the screen with information about the length of stay in the casino and the results. You may be asked to pause, but more often they will only ask if you are going to play further.

Cooperation with specialized organizations

All honest online casinos provide contact details of international organizations willing to help people with signs of gambling addiction. Among them are such companies:

GameCare (
Gamblers Anonymous (
Gambling Therapy (
Gamble Aware (

Employees of the above organizations are ready to help you if you are faced with manifestations of gambling. Representatives speak different languages to help you communicate.



Never neglect responsible gambling in online casinos, bookmakers, poker rooms and any other gambling related establishments. Do not let yourself get carried away and be careless when your money is at stake. Articles on Casinoz will help you understand the reasons for the development of gambling, learn to recognize its signs and clarify other issues related to gambling. Feel free to talk about your personal experience of dealing with addiction to the game, ask questions and share useful tips.