Video slots online: slot machines in online casinos

Video slots online: slot machines in online casinos


The largest modern casinos working on the vastness of the worldwide network, offer customers hundreds of virtual slot machines. In the range of some establishments are models of one manufacturer, and other sites give the opportunity to play for free and for money on video slots of several brands at once.  We recommend that you do not limit yourself to games from the same company, because every day there are more and more little-known studios producing unmatched gambling machines with great graphics, an incredible set of functions, a high theoretical return and large payments. If such slots are presented in a solid casino that you trust, you can play on them without fear, even if you are not told about the name of the company that issued them.  The advantages of online slots have been said a lot, so we will not repeat it again. But still you can achieve better results, and the first step on the way to improving the performance of the game should become familiar with the general principles of the operation of the apparatus.



How are virtual slot machines arranged?

Online slots that are used in online casinos, already have almost nothing to do with their ancestors – the first mechanical slot machines. Current models are computer programs that operate on the basis of a random number generator.

Some users believe that the name “random number generator” is incorrect. They argue that it is theoretically possible to calculate the results that most generators give out, because they are based on some kind of algorithm (even if very complex), and therefore they should be called generators of pseudo-random numbers.

We even met distributors of software, which allegedly knows how to calculate the work of the RNG, although even a superficial acquaintance with such handicrafts was enough to understand their uselessness.

All the world’s leading experts in the field of Internet gambling are of the opinion that it is impossible to unravel the practical principles of the operation of random number generators from well-known brands. Consequently, we will share this view until we have strong evidence to the contrary.



Drums in online slot machines


Drums revolving on the screen of a virtual slot machine are nothing more than a tribute to tradition. Actually, there are more and more models in which the drums are replaced by some other forms. But most players are conservative, so gambling online gamblers continue to create video slots that simulate real devices from slot-halls. But you have to understand that it’s just a way of displaying the numbers that the random number generator generates. Currently, there are video slots with five reels, although three-drum models are also quite common, created in the image and likeness of classic slot machines.



Symbols in video slots


The set of symbols depicted on the reels of a slot machine is determined, as a rule, by the theme to which this model is devoted. Naturally, if this is a slot about Egypt, then without pyramids and pharaohs it will not do. As an auxiliary picture, numbers and letters that denote the values of playing cards (9, 10, J, Q, K, A) are very often used.

You can read about special symbols with additional features (Wild, Scatter, Bonus, etc.) in separate articles of a special section of the portal. The variety of their functions is really impressive:

  • Free spins;
  • Bonus rounds of all kinds and types;
  • Prize payments;
  • Additional factors;
  • Drawing jackpots and so on.

If this is not a classic slot machine with three reels and one – three lines, it will certainly have some additional functions, except for the usual combinations. More often in video slots there are risky game on chances, free starts, additional multipliers of payments and every possible thematic bonus rounds.

They are usually briefly explained in the payout table of the slot machine. And more detailed information about each model and its options you can find in the reference section or in the reviews. Here, we will not even begin to list possible options, because there are a lot of them.

You should be aware that the presence of a large number of diverse functions does not always make the slot machine truly beneficial to the player. The main criterion by which you can evaluate the game from a practical point of view is the theoretical percentage of return.



Payout percentage of the slot machine


 Each online video slot has a certain indicator of theoretical return, which is expressed in percentages and means how much of the total amount of bets it returns to the players. At the present time, the return level should not be less than 95%, although there is a model with 98% or higher. The small percentage that remains to the institution is usually called the percentage of casino benefits. Naturally, this indicator manifests itself on a long stretch of the game. How long it is difficult to say (or rather, it is hardly possible). Many manufacturers officially provide such information, which pleases the most pragmatic customers.



The volatility of the slot machine


This characteristic of video slots is also called variability or dispersion. And English-language sources, it is most often referred to as volatility. Some developers indicate the level of volatility in the description of the model, but more often you will have to figure it out yourself.

Variability indicates the possibility of deviation from the theoretical return in a single gaming session. The higher it is, the more likely that in a short time interval your result will be seriously different from the claimed RTP.

In practice, slots with high volatility are paid less often, but larger, and models with a low score accrue wins in most spins, but payments often do not exceed the rate.



Jackpots in slot machines online


 In the reviews of video slots, we call jackpots only cumulative sums that grow with each bet made and are played out in accordance with established rules. For them, the definition of “progressive jackpots” is used.

 The biggest winnings on combinations we do not attribute to this category and consider them as the maximum payout ratios.

 Progressive jackpots are usually played on all video slots of the same model, working in different casinos. They are connected by a single network, so the size of the jackpot can be estimated in millions, but the probability of its winning is negligible. Should you chase after him – decide for yourself.

 Such jackpots can be multi-level. For example, there can be four different sizes at once, so it’s quite possible to win one of them.

Especially attractive are slot machines, in which you can fight for jackpots, playing at any rate. Usually, the high rollers have a certain advantage in them, but nevertheless the probability to become the owner of a large sum is available to all users.

 As a rule, in video slots with progressive jackpots the return percentage is much lower than in conventional models.



Auto play mode in video slots


 Almost all online slot machines allow you to select the size of the bet and start the auto-game mode, in which the backs will go one by one without user intervention. For a casino, this is advantageous, because this practice speeds up the process of the game, which means that the machine will more likely take away the percentage of the casino advantage inherent in it.



Custom settings for slot machines online


 Many modern models of slot machines have sections with parameters. Here you can set the quality of graphics, turn off various items of sound, specify the units of the balance display, activate the fast spin and so on. In some models there are control panels with two modes: conventional and advanced. They are distinguished by a set of buttons and information windows. Autoplay can also have a number of settings.