How and why download online casinos?

How and why download online casinos?


Modern online casinos operate in three main formats:

  • Browser version – all games and services are available directly in the browser;
  • Downloadable program – users must download and install additional software;
  • The mobile version is the version of the interface for smartphones.

Also there are institutions that offer to install a plug-in for the browser, but this is not a very common approach.

 At the dawn of the development of online gambling, the client program was considered almost an indispensable attribute. Without it, it was difficult to imagine a really high-quality service.

 Currently, many portals have abandoned the download option altogether and successfully function in browsers. However, hundreds of establishments still offer players to install a casino, and users prefer this type.

You can use three options if the institution offers them all. For example, when playing at home on a personal computer, it is better to run the installed software. It will open access to a full range of opportunities and provide a stable connection. If you have to play on a laptop that other people use, limit the version to the browser. And if at hand is only a smartphone or tablet, you have a mobile interface.

Recall, that one account is enough. You do not need to register for each option. The administration will consider this a violation of the rules.


 Advantages of downloadable online casinos

Let’s highlight the main advantages of download casinos:

  •  A more extensive selection of games;
  • Accelerated launch of models;
  • Highest quality graphics;
  • Very low system requirements, allowing to use even old computers;
  • Minimal dependence on Internet speed and communication stability;
  • Access to all shares without exception, including pranks and tournaments;
  • More reliable protection of money and personal data of customers.

In fairness, we note that many browser casinos successfully offer all of the above services without installing additional software. Every year, computer technology is improving, the quality of communication is increasing, and the cost of the Internet is falling. All this partly negates the advantages of downloadable versions.In the modern gambling business, the lack of a downloadable option is no longer considered a serious drawback, but many users consider its availability an important advantage.

In any case, diversity does not go to the detriment, and you yourself can decide which type suits you best.


 How to download an online casino for a computer?

If the institution offers a downloadable version, the administration will recommend using this format, emphasizing your attention to its merits. This is not surprising, because, according to statistics, the client who installed the program, often plays in an online casino.

 The process of downloading and installing is unlikely to cause difficulties even for inexperienced users. Nevertheless, most sites publish step-by-step instructions on how to correctly perform all necessary operations.

Features of the casino client program

 Of course, downloadable online casinos for each software developer have their own unique characteristics, design features and capabilities. However, any program will have the following sections:

  •  Lists of games with thematic sections and additional selection parameters according to different criteria;
  • The user’s cabinet with personal information and settings;
  • Cashier where you can make deposits and request payments;
  • A mail box with messages from the administration;
  • List of shares currently available;
  • A page with information about current bonuses and events in which you are participating;
  • Support window.

If tournaments and jokes are held in the casino, they will be placed on a separate page. Having installed the client program, do not rush into the battle. First, carefully study all the features and functions. Also, we recommend immediately checking how the online chat support works. Do not hesitate to ask them a couple of questions. The software can be updated at startup. In this case, you just have to wait until the process is completed.


   How to download a mobile Internet casino?

 Versions for smartphones can also be browser-based or downloadable. In the second case, institutions offer special programs for devices on different operating systems. Most often we are talking about software for Android and iOS. These programs are also always free.

 This format of mobile casinos has the same advantages as client programs for computers:

  • Accelerated download of games;
  • Higher quality graphics;
  • Less dependence on the quality of communication;
  • Variety of models and shares;
  • Additional features and so on.

Note that most modern mobile Internet casinos still work in a browser version.

How to install the plugin to access the casino?

Some institutions work only in browsers, but they offer customers a special extension. It allows you to bypass all kinds of locks and provides uninterrupted access to games, bonuses and other services of the portal.

Carefully read the information about the plugins. The description of the technical specifications states which browsers they are suitable for. Usually, the casino publishes detailed manuals that describe the installation process.


How safe is it to play in a downloadable online casino?

Here are some recommendations on how to ensure the maximum level of security when playing in an online casino through a client program:

First of all, play only in trustworthy establishments with a good reputation, licenses and other attributes of an honest gambling operator. It is better not to install such software on computers that are used by several people. Even if it’s about friends and family members. But if you do not have a personal computer, take the trouble to come up with a really strong password. Do not be lazy to enter your username and password each time. Even if you can check the “Remember Password” or “Auto Login” checkboxes, it’s better to refuse autocomplete. Suddenly your computer will fall into the wrong hands. Why make life easier for thieves. Install a reliable anti-virus software. Programs for reading passwords and other types of fraud on the Internet have long become commonplace. Do not forget about caution. Internet scammers do not slumber.

In conclusion, we remind readers that the browser version, downloadable program and mobile casino complement each other, allowing the client to choose the most convenient option in any possible situation.