How to win in a Casino? Universal cheat sheet for beginners

How to win in a Casino? Universal cheat sheet for beginners


This article is unlikely to teach experienced casino clients something new. But it will be very useful for novice users who need a universal tip on gambling. You can consider it a kind of cheat sheet that provides general information on this topic. The following describes the most profitable games, models with the greatest casino superiority, the best strategies, optimal betting systems and other important aspects of gambling.

Skill Games



The following are gambling games in which you can achieve maximum results only by following the optimal strategy. In other words, if in this case you dont know how to play correctly, your chances of success are greatly reduced. Of course, in a single session you can win only due to luck, but in the long run you will lose much more often. You should also understand the following: In the vast majority of games, the casino retains mathematical superiority over the client, even if he acts perfectly. There are very few exceptions. Models that allow you to get an advantage over the institution, units. Let’s move on to the list of games in which the result depends on your actions:

  • Blackjack – In the most profitable versions of blackjack you can practically deprive the casino of superiority over the client. This indicator can be reduced to a few tenths of one percent. To do this, you need to learn how to play according to the optimal strategy, selected specifically for each individual variation taken. In offline casinos, you can achieve more significant results by counting cards and resorting to more complex tricks of professional players.
  • Video poker – The best models make it possible to increase the theoretical return to 99.5%. Again, for this you need to play by strategy. Since there are a lot of varieties of video poker, you need to select a system for each model separately.
  • Most table poker games – Offline and online casinos offer numerous types of poker, including Caribbean Stud, Hold’em Casino, Three Card Poker, Pay Go and Russian Poker. To act effectively, you need to play according to the strategy, but the advantage of the institution will still be a few percent. About poker, in which customers play against each other, we are not talking.


Games that don’t require skills



Most casino visitors prefer gambling, in which the result depends entirely or more on luck. This is confirmed by the incredible popularity of gaming machines that dominate online gambling and offline establishments. We list the main categories of games in which special knowledge and skills are not required from customers. In them you can act literally at random (or almost like that), which equates beginners with experienced players. This allows you to relax and enjoy the process without bothering yourself with the need to make difficult decisions. In many such games, RTP is even higher than in some types of poker, which leaves a good chance of winning.

  • Video Slots – Of course, there are certain recommendations on how to win at casino machines, but most of them are connected with choosing the best models and controlling a bankroll. As a rule, it is impossible to influence the outcome of spins or reduce the mathematical superiority of a casino using some strategy. The exception is slots with more profitable bonus bets and prize draws in which you need to be smart or sleight of hand. They are described in a special article.
  • Roulette – Don’t be confused by the wide variety of roulette bets. They all have the same RTP when it comes to European roulette. In the French version, bets on equal chances are more advantageous. Forget American roulette once and for all. Exotic variations require separate consideration. You can combine bets on roulette in any way – this will not help to win. Systems are useless too. It all depends solely on the RNG (or croupier’s sleight of hand, but that’s another matter).
  • Baccarat – Varieties of this game, offered in the casino, practically do not imply active user actions. You only need to make one of the three available bets: to win a conditional customer, to win a banker or to a draw. Next, you just watch the process. It is important to remember that different RTPs are included in the rates. The most profitable of them is for a banker. Betting on a player is slightly worse. It’s better to never bet on a draw. This is a unified baccarat strategy.
  • Keno – We can say that this is a lottery that casinos have adapted to their format. Forget about all kinds of betting systems and other algorithms. They make no sense.
  • Wheel of Fortune – This game can be found in different versions, but they all do not allow in any way to influence the outcome of the draw. You just have to rely on luck.


About less popular gambling and unique models that can’t be attributed to a certain category, we’ll write in the following publications.