What do you know about the RNG?

What do you know about the RNG?


All manufacturers of software for online casinos assure us that their gambling is based on the latest RNG (Random Numbers Generator), which guarantee unpredictable lottery results.

But is it possible to be sure that the RNG really can’t be deciphered? The answer may surprise you. Let’s understand the principles of operation, subspecies of RNG and the features of using random number generators in online casinos.



What is a random number generator?

A random number generator is a device that can produce completely unpredictable sequences of numbers that are not connected to each other. In fact, dice or reels used in various lotteries can be considered primitive examples of RNG.

RNG can be divided into two main categories:

  1. True random number generators (they are also called hardware RNGs);
  2. Pseudo random number generators.

The first include models that use data obtained from chaotic changes in certain physical processes. For example, data sources may be atmospheric, shot or thermal noise. For gambling manufacturers, hardware RNGs are too expensive and complicated, so the developers use the pseudo-random type. It is a computer program that produces chains of numbers. No matter how complicated the algorithm, it doesn’t produce truly random results. That is why such generators are called pseudo-random. They take the initial number as a basis and, with the help of numerous mathematical operations, change it to obtain a new indicator. Such RNGs have online video slots and other casino gambling games in which dealers are not involved.



Do casinos interfere with the work of the RNG?

If the pseudo-random number generator is nothing more than a computer program, the question begs: – Do casinos juggle the results of draws?

It remains for customers to rely on the honesty of software developers, the decency of gambling operators, the scrupulousness of gambling regulators, and the professionalism of audit organizations. That is why you should give preference to reputable online casinos operating on licensed software of well-known manufacturers under the control of government organizations and independent experts. If you play in a dubious online casino that does not report to anyone about your work, you act at your own risk.



Is it possible to decrypt the RNG algorithm?

Now let’s find out whether it is possible to unravel the principles of the random number generator and predict the outcome of the draws? Since RNG in casino games is nothing more than a program, theoretically, it can be hacked. Will you be able to decrypt it? Almost certainly not. The best software developers use powerful pseudo-random number generators based on very complex algorithms. The probability of their decryption is negligible. But sometimes punctures still happen – especially if fraudsters sneak up on the unexpected side.



Can pseudo random number generators be considered reliable? – Quite. They produce results that cannot be predicted in practice. Can one believe that casinos do not interfere with the operation of the RNG? – Choose well-known institutions with extensive experience and good reputation. Then you will have no reason to doubt their honesty. What do you think about this issue? Share your thoughts on the topic in the comments, ask questions and share personal experiences.