Shine and Luxury – 5 World’s Most Luxury Casinos

Shine and Luxury – 5 World’s Most Luxury Casinos


In these Casinos, for sure, at least once wanted to visit every avid player. After all, these institutions amaze luxury, splendour and wealth. We offers a small tour of 5 of the most chic gaming establishments in the world.



This is an impeccable casino hotel that was built in 1998 in the heart of Las Vegas. The cost of the institution – 1.6 billion dollars. It’s not just the luxury of the casino. There are 200 tables for all the most famous gambling games and there are also more than 2,000 machines. Double room in the hotel house costs from 4000.




It has been heard even by those who are not particularly fond of gambling. Perhaps it is one of the oldest and most incredibly beautiful casinos in the world. Located in Germany, and was built in 1809. The establishment is decorated with stucco stucco with white marble and gold, paintings of famous artists. Here at one time played Turgenev, Dostoevsky, Emperor Alexander I and other great people.



Casino de Monte Carlo

A stunning casino, in which it is as if transferred into a fairy tale. It is located in Monaco, and was built in 1863. The establishment attracts attention with luxury architecture, marble details, columns. All rooms have luxurious furnishings, and are equipped with 35 gaming tables and 316 slots. By the way, if you want to see the decoration of the casino, review the «12 friends of Ocean» and Bondiana. It is in this institution that many scenes of these films were filmed.


Marina Bay Sands

The amazing complex, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off. It is located in Singapore, has three 55-storey luxury towers, 200 meters high. From the complex you can see the bay of Marina Bay, and on the rooftops of the towers there is an incredible panoramic swimming pool. The casino complex also amazes with decoration. It also has 600 tables, 2,300 slot machines.


Venetian Macao

This is an incredible casino beauty that every player will love. It is built in 2007, has a Venetian style. Its total area is 50 thousand. sq. meters. It has water channels, and everyone can ride on a gondola. The casino is also equipped with 800 tables and 3,500 slots.



These great off-line facilities are impressive. Want to visit them? Make bets, play, win a lot of money and visit the luxury places of the planet.