The most important thing about an auto play in video slots

The most important thing about an auto play in video slots

Autoplay button

The automatic game mode is one of the most common functions in online slot machines. The vast majority of practical models of all well-known brands make it possible not to press the start button in each back. Instead, you can choose a bet, specify the number of lines, determine the number of starts, make additional settings – and then just watch what’s happening on the screen.

Some developers offer a basic version of autogame without any parameters. Others equip it with numerous adjustable options. But its main purpose is always unchanged. It is designed to make the gameplay as comfortable as possible for the user.

Are there any pitfalls here? And what about without them in the online casino! Read on to find out about all the pros and cons of automatic mode in gaming machines.


Types of autoplay

Let’s start by reviewing the main types of automatic game mode in slots. Since the principle of action is always the same, the conditional division will be made by the presence of certain functions and parameters:

Without settings – This is the basic version, without any additional options. Pressing a special button on the panel will start the automatic mode, which continues until it is canceled.

Number of spins – In a more advanced variation of autogame, you can specify the number of spins. Upon their completion, the process will be completed.

Time and financial limits – Increasingly, software developers allow customers to set restrictions when starting auto mode. Most often you can specify the maximum amount of loss or winnings. Often, temporary and other restrictions are also taken into account.

Accounting for bonuses – Most fans of video slots prefer to independently run free-backs or manually try their luck in bonus rounds. As a rule, the auto-game itself stops, if the client gets the right to participate in the prize options. But some developers allow you to specify this item in the settings.

Additional options – Fans can control almost all items, it is possible to recommend slots with the maximum number of auto game settings. In such machines, you can specify the amount of one-time wins or losses, in which you need to pause until further orders of the client. Also, distinctions are made for actions at the beginning of different bonuses. In a word, check the set of auto game options in each slot, if you are interested in this function.

Finally, we note that the game on equal chances is traditionally deactivated when the automatic mode is started. If you know the models in which it can be used in this format, please tell us about them in the comments.


Impact on results

Automatic mode is not a game function that has a direct effect on the results of the drawings. Accordingly, its impact can only be indirect.

To begin with, all devices have a certain level of return. This indicator depends on the model and varies in a very wide range. For example, in some slots it does not exceed 92%, while in others it reaches 98%. Naturally, the higher it is, the more profitable the game for the client.

It is important to understand that the return is a theoretical value, manifested in a long time interval. That is, during the evening you can win big or lose too much. But if you bet on the same slot for several years, your overall performance will roughly match the level of return that the manufacturer has put into the machine.

It turns out that on an infinitely long game segment you have no chance to beat the video slot. You will still be in the red. Thus, if you use the automatic mode only to speed up the process, you are acting to your detriment. And it’s too stupid to run an auto game when you move away from the device (it’s not about exceptional situations).



When is it appropriate to use an autoplay?

But do not think that automatic mode is a harmful function for the player, which only helps the casino owners to enrich themselves. In many situations, it can be useful.

So, a few examples of the appropriate use of autogames:

  • Mobile casinos – Imagine that you are playing in a mobile casino on a smartphone with a small screen. If you are a big man with big fingers, you may not feel comfortable pressing the start button. It’s easier to set the parameters of an auto game once and observe what is happening.
  • Tournaments – You can participate in a slot tournament, fighting for maximum payouts or trying to make the maximum number of spins. In such situations, auto mode can really come to your rescue.
  • Winning bonuses – When wagering bonuses on machines, the result is more important than the process. You need to bet on an impressive amount, which is very tedious (especially for avid bonus hunters). In such cases, sometimes it’s really worth including an auto-game.
  • Free game – Beginning customers and even sophisticated players often resort to free testing of new video slots. They get acquainted with the peculiarities of the interface, learn the subtleties of rules in the demo version, and only then move to real rates. It can also come to the aid of an auto game. For example, if you want to experience free-backs, but you can’t wait for them.