Bet per line – Is it necessary to change it?

Bet per line – Is it necessary to change it?


The importance of changing bets during the game

Under the bet on the line is meant the amount that the player puts on one active line. During the game on modern slots, you can usually place bets on several lines simultaneously, and almost all online casino customers take advantage of this opportunity by selecting all of them. As a result, during the game, the total bet that the user makes on the spin is usually varied by changing the bet per line, not the number of lines.


Among fans of online slots there are players who prefer to bet on a certain scheme. It does not have to be any particular system. Some of them just divide the bankroll into separate parts, and the playing time into separate segments, trying to somehow match them. So they calculate the approximate size of the bet on the spin, which they can afford. Then it remains only to divide this amount by the number of lines to find out how much to put on the line.

Here, many people have a dilemma: should you constantly play at this rate, or should it be changed to a smaller and larger side, adhering to the average level? To answer this question, let’s try to outline possible reasons for changing the size of the bet on the line.

Catch the wave!

Many players change their bet, trying to “catch a winning wave” in this way. They believe that successful and unsuccessful periods go in strips. Having received payment after a successful spin, they hope that it will be the beginning of the winning streak, so they raise the bet. Anyone who is at least a little familiar with how the random number generator works, understands that such actions are not logically different. Each launch of the drums is completely independent of either the previous spins or those following it. However, such a delusion is so common that many casino visitors adjust their playing style to it.


Down with the routine!

Other customers change their bet on the line entirely from other motivations. They are tired of the same type of game process, so they are trying to make it a variety. In their actions there can be no consistency at all, and they do not hope to gain any practical benefit in this way. Some can simply increase the rate with each spin by one unit, observing with interest what will come of it. In this case, we can say one thing: if the game starts to get bored, it will help, but there will not be an extra chance of winning.


And again, the betting system!

Also, you can often find players who try to use simplified versions of various known betting systems on slots. For example, it can be a doubling of the bet after each loss, as advised by the Martingale system. Naturally, there is no practical benefit from such a strategy, than from applying the same principles to roulette. We repeatedly wrote in various articles on the portal about why the betting systems can not help win, so we will not dwell on this issue again.


In general, there may be many reasons why users change the size of the bet on the line while playing on online slots, but none of them can serve as a sufficient reason to recommend such a strategy. Moreover, in some versions of slot machines (for example, with progressive jack-sweat) it is recommended to always play at the maximum bet, because that’s what allows you to fight for the main prize.