How to attract the target audience in online casinos: types of affiliates that you need to know

How to attract the target audience in online casinos: types of affiliates that you need to know


Attracting players to online casinos is not easy. You will need a reliable source of not just traffic, but traffic that will later turn into loyal players. Partnership programmes are the most common and effective way to do this.



How to attract the target audience in online casinos: types of affiliates that you need to know


Affiliate marketing is an integral part of online casino marketing strategy, offering a profitable scheme for both the platforms and their partners.

The essence of the partnership program is that it allows partners to earn commission by promoting gambling providers. Affiliates are responsible for attracting potential players to operators’ websites through various marketing strategies, such as social media ads or blogs.

In addition, partner marketing ensures transparency and measurability, allowing close monitoring of performance indicators.



What are the most popular types of affiliates in the online gambling world?


  • Streamers – Some players stream videos of how they play popular games such as slots. Players following them on YouTube or Twitch develop contact with them through their streaming game sessions.
  • Bloggers – Many affiliates have blogs online that write about gambling. They talk about which casinos offer the best bonuses, review new game releases and other related topics. In addition, they provide casino reviews assessing their overall quality and reliability.
  • Online casino sites and review sites – online casino portals are part of the online gambling world and are often effective as affiliates. On these portals, players can access the latest news, reviews and information about various types of bonuses. In addition, these portals can offer problem-solving forums and mediate conflicts between players and casinos. The versatility of casino portals is important to players, making them valuable partners.
  • Online casino influencers often have a variety of interests beyond gambling. That is why working with opinion leaders in various fields can be an effective strategy to attract new potential players. Influencers from all walks of life, such as musicians, professional athletes, car enthusiasts, and people who share an audience with the iGaming industry, can become valuable affiliates when managed effectively.



Be careful, however, when collaborating with multiple influencers targeting the same audience. If their target demographics coincide, it could lead to competition for traffic, which could hinder your efforts. Content creators become affiliates by joining affiliate programs. If they cannot find partnerships on their own, they join the partnership network. The affiliate network serves as a platform linking affiliates to advertisers. It serves as a hub where affiliates can find various partner programs, access marketing materials, track their performance and receive payments.

In addition, sometimes casinos or game developers launch their own exclusive network of affiliates. However, this is usually only feasible for large, well-established brands.