Casino cruise ship: Affordable Luxury

Casino cruise ship: Affordable Luxury


Casino slots at the Cruise ships



Gambling on the high seas has a long history. In the beginning of the last century leisure passengers carried for the casino tables during the long transatlantic crossings when the cruise ships were the only option to cross the ocean.

Now that the cruise industry is growing rapidly and sea travel are becoming more available, casino on board – a popular pastime not only for millionaires. Almost all passenger ships and many smaller vessels such as sailboats and yachts are on your onboard casino. Exception – companies engaged in expedition cruises and Disney Cruise Lines, is completely focused on a family vacation with children. In countries where gambling is forbidden, tourists are sometimes more attracted by the opportunity to play in a casino than the cruise.

The international law of the sea to avoid the traditionally high in the gambling business taxes, because it operates in the neutral waters of the country’s legislation, under whose flag the vessel is registered. Therefore, most cruise ships are assigned to ports such as Panama or Bermuda. While the ship on the beach, the casino closed to avoid violations of the law and competition with local entertainment. The exceptions are the ports of Nassau, Labadie, Coco Cay and some others.

Types of games in casinos on cruise ships are focused on tourists preferences therefore differ depending on the route. The usual situation when the number of tables in the casino is less than the variants of games to choose from which can be on request. In addition to classic games, there are such as Trente et quarante, Pai gow poker, Let it ride, Chemin de fer.

Blackjack lovers often prefer it more dynamic kind – Fun 21 (Spanish 21).

In the Caribbean, traditionally resting many Americans, so it is very popular game “War” and “craps” and Roulette are often idle. Tourists from Arab countries love to play three-card poker and Asian countries – Punto Banco. Ultimate Texas Poker – the most popular poker game in many countries.

Usually, the entrance to the casino has to pay a certain amount, which are issued chips lucky chips – they can play, but can not be exchanged for cash. On a cruise ship are no such requirements. Everyone can try their luck, the minimum amount exchanged at the box office or at the table. Not be prohibited simply walk around the room, watch the game and even take photos (which is unacceptable in almost all casinos on land). Sometimes visitors come to the casino is not for games, but to sit at the bar.

The only limitation on entry – it’s age. In Europe and Australia – with 18 years in the United States – 21 years, in Japan – 20 years.

Slot machines on cruises are often more popular than tables, so the most modern slot machines. Typically, the number of 50 or higher and the range of games to satisfy every taste.

Depending on where the ship is, bets are accepted in dollars or euros.

For tourists visiting the casino for the first time at one of the free tables are held educational lectures on the rules of the games.

In any gambling establishment periodically come advansery (players who can win money by knowing math – approx.’s), But cruises are not frequent guests – they are not attracted by low interest rates and a limited range of time. Therefore, the ships have enough loyal games with rules and minimum casino advantage. For example, three-card poker, it is possible to put on the “Pair Plus” is more than an ante. Meets Deck Blackjack, which came from shuza instead of shuffle-machines. With some of the skills of the game in Texas Hold’em, you can try your hand at a tournament or a cash game, and not be afraid of “sharks” – there are going to ordinary fans, not the world champions. ( “Shark” – a very strong poker player, “fish” – a weak and inexperienced player).

In many companies, passengers get free chips «lucky chips», which helps to attract more visitors to the casino. For regular visitors there is a cumulative reward system.




Classification of cruise companies

Cruise companies can only be divided into classes. Ships assigned to the “stars” on the population estimates, but the system is different from the classification of hotels in the same time liners companies may belong to different classes. The decisive role played by the ratio of staff to the number of passengers on board and the characteristics of the vessel.

Cruise company “Lux”

Among the companies in this class casino on board are as follows:

Silversea Cruises
Seabourn Cruise Line
Regent Seven Seas Cruises
Crystal Cruises
Seadream Yacht Club
Main features – high cost, long duration of cruises and exotic routes. There is no focus on a family vacation. Target audience – the world business elite and the wealthy people of mature age. Liners – a relatively small size (300 – 800 passengers). Luxury companies often buy old ships and luxury make repairs than a new building. The main emphasis is placed on the highest service and not on cost optimization. The ratio of number of passengers and personnel about 1: 1.

The casino presented traditional games are not held lotteries and bingo. Bids usually start

from $ 5 roulette,
from $ 10-25 at the card tables.

Cruise companies “Premium”

This class includes:

Holland America Line
Cunard Line
Celebrity Cruises
Azamara Club Cruises
Oceania Cruises
TUI Cruises
Windstar Cruises
Saga Cruises
Club Med Cruises
Nippon Yusen Kaisha
Noble Caledonia
For this class is characterized by large size ships, long cruises. There are facilities for families with children and for adult passengers. The stakes in the casino of $ 5 on the charts and from $ 1 on the roulette wheel, sometimes less. Passengers ships – wealthy people, many of whom regularly spend time in the casino. Selection of games are usually very wide.

Cruise companies “Standard”

Companies in this class are the most numerous and occupy more than 80% of the market. The largest among them:

Royal Caribbean
Norwegian Cruise Line
Princess Cruises
MSC Cruises
Costa Cruises
P & O Cruises
Star Cruises
P & O Australia
The distinctive features of this category are large passenger ships (2,000 passengers), focus on a family vacation and relatively low prices. this class Companies are rapidly evolving. Combined into large holdings and borrowing the best from other market players, they go to a higher level in the hierarchy of cruise operators. Loukostery-Companies are building new ships that are able to compete with the class “Premium”, if not the desire to minimize costs and not enough staff.

Overall, the company’s “Standard”, offering the lowest prices for cruises, partly compensate for the expense of the passengers on board the expenses. A significant role is played by the casino, where attendance, as well as the rates are very heterogeneous, depending on the vessel, the seasons and the cruise route.




Features casinos work on cruise liners

In the new modern ships cruise the Caribbean, United Arab Emirates, South America casinos operating in full force. On older ships or in low season, when the casino is idle, the visitors are attracted rates decline to 25 cents in the number on the roulette wheel, and $ 1 on the charts. Daily conducted bingo, and some vessels of up to three times a day.

The most promising direction considered Asian countries, especially China, where gambling is illegal, and the financial capacity to visit the casino has many tourists. At the Asian casino cruises are always full and only closed at the team captain before the arrival at the port. Large cruise operators attach their ships to China’s ports for a permanent home. 4 liner Costa Cruises are only for the Chinese market. Companies such as Princess and NCL plans to build specifically for China’s new vessels, which will be available for guests from other countries.

Reason to visit the casino during a sea voyage there are even those who usually do not play on the ground.

Among liner passengers – tourists from many different countries, and many are marked on the board calendar holidays. For example, players find Easter eggs with prizes hidden inside. In St. Patrick’s Day at the casino all night playing bagpipes, and the winners in the national dance competition game pieces and get tickets for the bingo.

Casino on board cruise ships are much the same as on earth, but less closed, more democratic and cosmopolitan – as well as their visitors, who prefer to spend free time traveling around the world. None of the casinos on land are not going at the same time as the representatives of different nationalities and cultures. And of course, among the casino guests almost no aggressive or “smeary” (players who can not stop and lose too much). Passenger liner casino game – it is primarily one of the most vivid impressions of the holiday.