Mysterious history of playing cards

Mysterious history of playing cards

History of cards

Classic cards


Playing cards – one of the oldest types of gambling, which is already more than two centuries. The standard deck contains 52 cards and represents the 52 weeks of the year, each deck is divided into grades, a total of 13. The choice of the number 13 is also not accidental and is the number of months of the lunar calendar, which adhere to some religion. For one deck were invented hundreds of varieties of games.


Custom Cards


History of playing cards


The first playing cards appeared in China in the 9th century. Although difficult to prove this fact, some researchers refer to the fact that the paper was invented there. From there, the history of playing cards, and has its further development.


European playing cards


There are many theories about how the playing cards were in Europe and the most interesting of them is that Malmuks from Egypt had introduced the cards in Europe in the late 14th century.

The first European playing deck is dated 1367 year. Since cards have won the whole of Europe at high speed.

Standard chetyrehmastnaya deck comes from Ruany (France), where the serial production of the cards was launched in 1480. It suits have been brought to a classic form: hearts, diamonds, spades and crosses. England, who was nearby, picked up a French invention.


What is each of the four suits?


It is widely believed that each card suit is a separate class in French society. For example, the peaks represent the tips of guns knightly class; Diamonds represent the merchant class, the peasantry and the cross symbolizes the worms are clergy with his love for God.



Who is four kings in a deck?


Four King in King represent the four great kings of Western history: the peak is king David, king of Israel; Crusade is king Alexander the Great, Charlemagne of France, it is the king of hearts and king of diamonds is Caesar Augustus.


Did you know…


  1. In the initial version of playing cards have a round shape!
  2. “Peaks” – the only color in which all human silhouettes are shown to the right person.
  3. The first paper money in Canada were playing cards with handwritten face value on the shirt! At that time, when you do not have enough coins, the French governor, Jacques de Meulles paid off the war debts using them in 1685.
  4. The king of diamonds is the only one who does not hold a sword in his hand, while the king of hearts is the only one who does not wear a mustache.


Kind of Cards
It can be concluded that the history of playing cards dates back several centuries and reflects a hierarchical way society, and is also used for entertainment and study the impact of luck on our lives.