Alternative Casino Mirror Links

Alternative Casino Mirror Links


Have you ever opened your favorite online casino and see an unfamiliar address in the address bar of your browser? This is often frightening for inexperienced users, and they start rushing around trying to figure out what happened. Although you should not discard the possibility of fraudulent actions by hackers and other scams, most likely there is no reason for panic. You were automatically sent to the working mirror of an online casino. Do not worry, the money from your balance has not gone anywhere. All slot machines, bonuses, free spins, tournaments, jackpots and other services will also be available to you. Why did this happen? This is described further in the article.

What is an online casino mirror?

First, let’s define the term: Online Casino Mirror is a copy of a website presented under a changed domain name. In online gambling, mirrors are usually full copies that accurately reproduce all the information from the main version of the portal. As a rule, a mirror offers identical functionality, has the same design and structure. In fact, this is a double site.




Why do casinos need working mirrors?

The main purpose for which gambling sites turn on mirrors is as follows:

Ensure uninterrupted operation of the casino and provide access to its services to all customers, regardless of their location and conditions of use. Any interruptions in work negatively affect the reputation of the institution, cause suspicion among the players and simply mean financial losses, therefore, operators try to avoid downtime at all costs.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the difficulties that force gambling operators to create working casino mirrors online:

  • Locks – This is the main reason forcing owners of gambling establishments to activate mirrors. Government agencies block official sites, and operators have to run copies of them. Mirrors are created on foreign servers, so local authorities cannot reach them.
  • Competitors’ tricks – Gambling operators often mess with each other by ordering DDOS attacks on competing sites. Mirrors located on several servers make it possible to more or less counteract such activities.
  • Software failures – All kinds of breakdowns are also possible. The server may fail. The building may cause a fire and so on. Casino mirrors make it possible to avoid complete blackout.
  • Providers’ Activities – Some Internet service providers are also able to block the site, considering it dangerous or doubtful. Mirrors of online casinos located on different servers come to the rescue in this situation.
  • Technical works – If the portal is not available due to some internal work, customers will still be able to play.

In addition, the working mirrors of online casinos protect data from damage, help to cope with the increased load, make it possible to reduce the cost of expensive external traffic and perform other tasks.


What are the benefits to customers of casino mirror?

All decent establishments strive to create extremely comfortable conditions for customers. Implementing a mirror system is one way to increase the level of service. In many cases, this measure is the most effective, if not the only, way to solve the problem.

What gives the working mirror of an online casino to a player:

Stable access to all services

  • Uninterrupted gameplay
  • No problems logging in to your account,
  • Reliable protection of financial transactions,
  • Quick contact with support representatives and so on.
  • Usually, if the currently used casino mirror does not work, the operator automatically transfers the client to another option.


Are online casino mirrors safe?

If we are talking about the official mirror of an online casino, then you have nothing to worry about. This version of the site is safe. The twin service simply ensures the smooth operation of the portal so that you can use it in the current circumstances. You shouldn’t worry about the safety of private information, money on the balance sheet, accumulated components, available bonus codes and other data. They are reliably protected by the operator. Another thing is if fraudsters create a copy of a popular casino and pass it off as its real mirror. In this case, no one can give security guarantees. Make sure that you are using the services of a real operator.