TOP-5 Roulette strategies

TOP-5 Roulette strategies


Roulette is one of the most popular games of chance. There are many varieties of it. One of them is French roulette – this is the closest game to the classic game, but with interesting additional features. It is they who allow the players to get high wins.

But if you want to make your games even more profitable, consider the recommendations of professional gamblers.



Martingale system

One of the most popular techniques, which consists in the need to place bets alternately, according to certain rules. The player must bet on red, then black, based on the color the ball landed on. If the bet is not played, it must be doubled and continue to play on the same color.


Mirrored numbers

The strategy requires perseverance and lengthy miscalculations. There is a row of numbers on the table that are paired. It is their pair that is the “mirror”. When a number with a “mirror” appears on the roulette wheel, it is necessary to bet on its “mirror” pair, up to the twentieth bet.



System numbers

The method is based on the theory of probability and also requires miscalculations. You need to keep track of which number dropped out first, and then which ones fall further within an hour. After that, you need to trace the pattern and bet on a specific group. For example, within an hour, 14 and 24 fell out most often, then it can be assumed that then 34 or 4 will fall out.



You need to bet on a color, dozen or columns. For example, you have the last dozen. So, now you need to bet on the two previous ones.



To unpopular numbers

Each game has numbers that are popular or unpopular with players. According to this system, you need to choose the unpopular and bet on them. In this case, you can really make money.

But in spite of these systems, one should not forget that gambling is just entertainment. Play for free and without registration, try strategies and decide which will be the best.