Set of Slot Games for SALE

Set of Slot Games for SALE


This set of slots consists of 5 slot games: Fairy Tale, Garage, Resident, Fruit Shake, Slot-o-Pol. Our team decided to take care of our clients, to save your time and money. And now we are happy to present our special set of games for your Lobby, which are carefully selected by our experts: unique themes, graphic style, technical specifications. All that is for special discount! You don’t need anymore to ask our tuning department to adjust a lots of different by specifications and graphic style games to make them fit one game template of your Lobby. What advantages does it give you: 1. Save your time, because a set of games in the package is already adjusted accordingly to one template, easy to work for your development team. 2. Save your money, because we offer a great discount on the whole package of multiple games. 3. Get a great looking set of games in one graphic style, so your Lobby looks harmonious.


This set of slots consists of 5 slot games: Fairy Tale, Garage, Resident, Fruit Shake, Slot-o-Pol.



“Fairy Tale”


Today we suggest you to look at our new slot machine, this set of graphic materials and illustrations is entirely devoted to the Folk theme. Hardly having started playing of this slot machine you immerse yourself in the spirit of the magic of folk tale.


This fun slot machine includes:
1. Game reels (PSD: 967×450 px);
2. Background image (PSD: 1056×798 px);
3. Unique thematic logo (PSD: 246×36 px);
4. Nine game symbols (PSD and PNG: 140×140 px);
5. Bonus game (PSD: 1058×799 px);
6. Risk game (PSD: 1056×798 px);
7. Bonus game 2 (PSD: 1056×798 px);
8. Four pop-ups (PSD: 760×400 px).




Classic returns to its best form, and now you can fill up your personal collection of one of the vintage slot machines. This slot machine completely corresponds to its name and is a cozy corner for those who like to delve in its garage. We collected the most relevant items and presented them in the form of game symbols, which you can see during the game process. Also for especially lucky players we have prepared three thematic bonus games in which you can increase your winnings and not be bored. Open bonus garages, collect bonus boxes and participate in drawing prizes in poker!


This fun slot machine includes:
1. The background image for the game slot machine (PSD: 1056×796 px);
2. Unique, thematic logo (PSD: 205×32 px);
3. Game reels (PSD: 1056×796 px);
4. UI panel with buttons (PSD: 1168×93 px);
5. 17 game symbols (PNG: 150×150 px);
6. Three thematic bonus game (PSD: 1168×955 px);
7. Pay tables (PSD: 875×656 px);
8. Pop-ups (PSD: 660×410 px).



The Resident slot takes players to a secret military unit, where their internal confrontation is being conducted. Among the characters of the slot, the young scout stands out especially. Her form consists of a mini-skirt and a tunic with a deep neckline. A pilot’s hat and red stockings complete the seductive look.
The slot symbols are various items related to the army. A soldier’s flask for water, tarpaulin boots, a garrison cap, a reconciliation paddle – it is impossible to imagine service in the Red Army without these attributes. In addition, there are award signs, cartridges and various types of weapons.


This kit includes:
1. Game reels (PSD: 822×502 px);
2. Background image (PNG: 1056×799 px);
2. 15 game symbols (PSD: 146×145 px);
3. Thematic bonus game (PSD: 1056×799 px);
4. Two risk games (PSD: 1058×799 px);
5. Pop-ups (PSD: 634×388 px);
6. Pay tables (PSD: 909×558 px).


“Fruit Shake”

For all fans of timeless classics, we offer a set of graphic materials and illustrations specially designed for the slot machine “Fruit Shake”. This slot machine is developed in vector style and contains a lot of well-known game objects, in the role of which are juicy fruits. Purchase the complete set today and get two background images, the main game interface, a set of themed game symbols, as well as additional bonus games and much more.


This kit includes:
1. Main background image (PNG: 1058×799 pixels) for the game slot machine;
2. Additional background (PNG: 1058×799 pixels) for the free spins game mode;
3. Game reels (PSD: 1058×799 pixels);
4. Unique, thematic logo (inside the reels: 280×52 pixels);
5. Ten game symbols (PSD: 168×168 pixels);
6. Bonus game (PSD: 1058×799 pixels);
7. Risk game (PSD: 1058×799 pixels);
8. Paytable (PSD: 1920×1080 pixels);
9. Four pop-ups (PSD: 1030×588 px).



Set off on a liner to a desert island, enjoy the sun, relax with a fruit cocktail, move away from the bustle of the city, all of this is embodied in our classic online slot “Slot-O-Pol”. Colorful and vivid graphics, a large number of additional rounds will bring a lot of positive emotions to the user. A feature of the gaming machine is its recognition and simple organization of the gameplay. A luxurious vacation is just for You.


This kit includes:
1. Game reels (PSD: 1498×798 px);
2. Unique game logo (PSD: 818×81 px);
3. Background image (PSD: 1920×1080 px);
4. Twelve symbols (PSD: 270×270 px);
5. Wheel of fortune game (PSD: 1521×819 px);
6. Bonus game (PSD: 1521×819 px);
7. Risk game (PSD: 1521×819 px);
8. Pay tables (PSD: 1568×926 px);
9. Pop-ups (PSD: 841×497 px).