The history of the most popular gambling games: the history of poker, slot machines, roulette

The history of the most popular gambling games: the history of poker, slot machines, roulette


Many gambling games did not appear in modern history, but much earlier. So, even in the ancient world, the nobility loved to play poker, but ordinary people were also fond of it. Gradually, such entertainment began to enjoy incredible popularity, and today they have moved online. We offer you to plunge into history and find out how the beloved by many poker, blackjack, slot machines developed.


Poker history

This beloved card game originated in the 19th century in the United States. Many historians claim that poker originated from the ancient Persian game. Whether this is actually so is not known, since there are researchers who believe that card entertainment has other roots.

So, in 1874, the term “poker-face” was first mentioned. In English-language documents, it meant the inability to read a person’s emotions in the face. But some researchers believe that the word “poker” comes from the German Pochspiel. This was the name of the card game, which a bit by its rules resembles poker games.

Other historians are of the opinion that poker has French roots and is similar to the game Poque.



The history of bingo

According to historians, the Italian game Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia, which appeared in 1530, became the prototype of modern bingo. By the way, this kind of entertainment is more popular among the inhabitants of Italy than ordinary bingo.

In 1770, the game was brought from Italy to France under the name Le Lotto. But it was only available to the wealthy nobility.

But in Germany, a similar game appeared in 1800. True, with her help, parents and teachers taught children mathematics, writing and history.
The prototype of bingo in the United States was the beano game, the essence of which is that the presenter took out discs with numbers from a special box. The players celebrated them at home.



Roulette history

Roulette is a French word for spinning wheel. According to historians, the game originated in the 18th century in France. But they also note that the prototype of this game was developed back in the 17th century by the mathematician, physicist and engineer Blaise Pascal.

By the way, in Paris, the modern variation of roulette began to be played back in 1796. But then they developed a wheel and a table for it in 1720. She even stood in the Palais Royal at the end of the 18th century.



Blackjack history

It appeared thanks to the game of “21”. Although no one knows exactly when she appeared, she is mentioned in the novel “Don Quixote”. So, it describes that the player needs to score 21 points without exceeding the number. This part of the novel was written in the 17th century. Later, a variation of the game was introduced in the United States and called it blackjack, adding a bonus that is issued after the jack of spades or clubs falls out.



History of slot machines

The first slot machines appeared about a century ago. They were created on the basis of poker, they had 5 reels and 50 cards. Such slot machines were installed in bars, and the winners were given a glass of a good drink. The device was improved by Charles Fay, who simplified it to 3 reels and 15 cards. A payment mechanism has also appeared.

A little later, slot machines began to improve. The cards began to depict fruit symbols, bells and the number “7”. Today they have become popular online, and many developers create thematic games with increased number of playing combinations, non-standard reels and bonus systems.