Casino and Bonuses

Casino and Bonuses


Bonuses are the most effective way to attract new customers to online casinos

With their help, such institutions manage to keep in their virtual walls many regular players, which is important in the face of constantly growing competition in this area. Also, there are often enough bonuses that are credited to all the replenishments made by the methods recommended by the casino. Quite rare recently have been the refunds of some of the lost money, although once a similar kind of bonuses was incredibly popular (especially in offline casinos).

Getting bonuses is rarely mandatory. Usually, the player decides whether to agree to such offers of the casino. However, do not rush to make deposits and start playing before you find out all the nuances of the issue in the institution of which you are a client. The fact is that in some casinos any bonuses are given only after entering this bonus into the window provided for these purposes. But in others some bonuses are accrued by default, so players who do not need them should warn the support service about it. Be very attentive with this item, because it often causes problems for careless customers. They register, automatically receive a bonus, do not bother to figure out what to do with it, and start playing. Then they try to withdraw money, but it turns out that they have violated the terms of the bonus wins, so their winnings are canceled. And to blame, in fact, there is nobody …


How to wager bonuses?

 We smoothly approached the “dark side” of bonus programs – a wager. This English word denotes the conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to have the right to withdraw money from the casino after receiving bonuses.

The basic requirement of any wager is that you bet on an amount that exceeds the bonus amount (or bonus and deposit) in the specified number of times.

But that is not all. Very few online casinos allow you to win back bonuses in all games, without exception, that they offer. The vast majority of institutions exclude from the list of models of the game with a very low casino advantage. In other words, you probably will not be able to use your remarkable knowledge in blackjack or video poker.

 Very often, a table is attached to the rules of wagering bonuses, which clearly states what percentage of the amount of each bet goes into the credit of the wager. If there is 100%, then the stakes are counted in full. If 20%, then only twenty dollars out of a hundred will be credited.

In addition, almost in all casinos it is forbidden to win back bonuses, making mutually exclusive bets. For example, both red and black at roulette. Also, the bets made in doubling video slots are usually not counted. Quite often the maximum size of the bet is artificially limited.

 In a word, carefully (very carefully!) Read the conditions of the wager and do not forget to clarify whether there are special rules for the inhabitants of your country, because this also happens.


How to determine if a bonus is profitable to the player?

 You have already realized that not all bonuses are equally interesting to customers in terms of the advantages they provide. Moreover, some of these online casino offers are generally unprofitable to players and represent an exclusively publicity stunt.

If you have a clear idea of what the terms “casino advantage in games”, “long game segment” and “theoretical return percentage” mean (we explained them in detail in separate articles on Casinoz), you can easily calculate the theoretical profitability of each bonus.

 To do this, let’s use a concrete example: a 100% bonus up to $ 100, which must be won back thirty times (the amount of the bonus and deposit). Above we have already calculated that to win back such a bonus you need to bet on six thousand dollars. In this case, according to the conditions of the wager, it can be played only on video slots, scratch-cards and entertaining games.

 Immediately we find in this list the model with the maximum percentage of return (if, of course, you have this information). Let’s say it’s a video slot that gives 97%. In other words, out of every hundred dollars, you lose three dollars. On a thousand it will be thirty, and on six thousand, which you need to do on a wager – one hundred and eighty dollars.

 What happens? The casino gives you one hundred dollars of bonus, but puts forward the conditions of the wager, for which you theoretically lose almost twice as much. Perhaps, you will be able to win back this bonus. But on several thousand customers who agree to this offer, the institution will not only lose nothing, but will also earn.

 Fortunately, wagers are not always so tough. For example, if you only have to recoup the bonus amount thirty times, then under the same other conditions it is already a profitable customer.



 Do I need to agree for No deposit Bonuses?

 With bonuses, which are accrued before the first replenishment of the account, things are somewhat different. In theory, you risk nothing. But the conditions for wagering such bonuses are always unrealistically strict. For example, x50 or even x80. Agree, to get rates for the sum of five hundred or eight hundred dollars, having initially only ten, it is difficult.

Also keep in mind that for a no deposit bonus you can win no more than the set maximum ($50 – $100), and you can withdraw them only after making the first deposit. This is the standard condition.

 In any case, such bonuses always attract customers, which is understandable.


How else do online casinos encourage customers?

 In addition to the standard bonuses of different types, other kinds of shares for new and regular players are distributed in Internet gambling. Let’s highlight the most popular events:

  •  Free-backs – Free spins are offered on certain video slots. They pass at a fixed rate. The accrued winnings in them can not be immediately withdrawn from the account or used for other purposes. First they need to be played several times, but the wager coefficient is usually low. Recently, free spins are a standard invitation for beginners.
  • Cashback – The return of a part of the lost money is available in many online casinos. Some establishments accrue cashback to all customers, others use it only for selected users. Often there are special conditions for customers with different statuses.
  • Comp points – Most gambling portals have a loyalty program with all sorts of privileges for players. Its main component is the points that are awarded for the money in bets. For example, for ten dollars a client will receive one comp point. The collected points can be changed for money. The rate depends on the level of the user.
  • Free tournaments – Slots are very popular now without entrance fees. You do not even need to register for participation. It is enough to play for money at the specified time, making bets on the specified models. Prizewinners are determined by the maximum payout. Usually the prize pool is composed of the comp points of the loyalty program.
  • Drawings – Lotteries and other ways to play valuable and monetary prizes have long been used in gambling. In modern Internet gambling, they are not as popular as in offline casinos, but they also have a place in many institutions.
  • Offline events – Gambling sites rarely suggest that customers go out of the virtual world in real, but periodically something similar happens. For example, closed parties are held for VIP-clients.
  • Personal management – Gambling portals are valued by high rollers. The best institutions offer them a special level of service with personal managers, instant payments, increased limits and other benefits.

In addition, online casinos can offer customers unique promotions that can not be attributed to any of the above categories.

Not so long ago, bonus programs were much more profitable for customers. But the excessive activity of bonus hunters led to the fact that online casinos tightened the rules for obtaining and wagering bonuses. At present, there are fewer and fewer interesting proposals of this kind. The most generous of them are made to regular players.

If you see some insanely favorable conditions in the new casino, this should alert you. Believe me: on the other side of the game table are not altruists, and people who earn money, and just so distribute them to the right and left, they will not. So sometimes it’s better to give up bonuses and bet your money in order to dispose of them at personal discretion from the first minutes of the game.