The cheating in the gambling industry

The cheating in the gambling industry


Fraud is a part of modern business and online gambling – was no exception. CASEXE company shared important information with clients on how not to become a victim of scammers and to resist frodu on their resources.


What is so dangerous fraud in IT technology? First of all, the fact that under the blow are not only gambling online institutions, but also visitors. Scammers kidnap personal data of customers, detailed information about credit cards, access to deposits, control transactions. All this in the end can lead to the loss of finances, including credit cards, personal data may become an excuse for blackmail and other troubles.


AntiFraud tools

How do scammers gain access to online casino systems? This is the result of the work of unscrupulous developers who invest in the system inconspicuous backdoors – secret loopholes in the software.

To combat fraudsters, online casino software providers use different methods – multi-level identification, IP blocking and other parameters, but the most effective antifrood remains.

Developers are sewing into the platform a special system that tracks unhealthy activity. This system is akin to antiviruses – it not only calculates the threat, it also confronts it.

CASEXE pays special attention to the security of online casinos – for us it is important not only good reputation in the market as a supplier company, but also the successful functioning of your business, – the company reported.

The CASEXE website has a whole study devoted to the problem of network fraud, as well as solutions that the company, in the case of fraud hazard, sees the most effective.