Slot machine for SALE – “Bank Robbery”

Slot machine for SALE – “Bank Robbery”



Bank Robbery


That night, some outlaws escaped from prison. They decided to rob the main bank in the heart of the city. The police received a request to shoot at the grand bank. The police squad went to the crime scene. Mobsters Bobby and Charlie have already been arrested three times for robbing small shops. This time they decided to act seriously. When opening the first safe, the alarm went off. Ten minutes later, the bank was surrounded by five police cars. Armed law enforcement is preparing a plan to invade and capture the villains. The radio reported that the bandits were carrying weapons and had taken a bank guard hostage. How to get the old caretaker out and arrest the robbers? Meanwhile, the goons have already opened the last safe and filled the bags with fresh dollar bills. Shots were fired, one officer was shot in the leg, and his partner Sylvia helped him out of the open fire by calling an ambulance. Sheriff Marty, commanded the assault on the bank. After a while, the robbers were caught, disarmed and arrested. We spin the symbols of «Bank Robbery» slot machine catch bad guys and receive a reward. We dodge bullets and combine police signs, call the bomb squad, and block the explosive device. Each line is filled with bonus prizes and villain traps. Collect free spins, activate bonuses, and receive great cash prizes for the winner of the game. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The slot game reel «Bank Robbery» is surrounded by cars with lights. On the cardboard frame traces of bullets are visible. The slot’s name inscription is pierced by a high-speed sniper bullet, igniting a stack of symbols on a spin. Inside the reel, symbols of bandits and policemen are placed in clear rows.  The high slot symbols are surrounded by a silver base. Underneath is the villain control panel. The bomb charger is cleverly assembled. The control panel is located at the attacker. The balance window starts counting the timer, highlighting the player’s reliable winnings. The maximum bet ignites the fuse and blows the bet up to the limit. Smoke checker «auto» launches the automatic mode of the roll. Spin the symbols, increase the bet and try your luck.



The main slot background is represented by a quiet night downtown. No one suspected that this peace would be disturbed by two villains only escaped from prison. In the house opposite the bank, the tenants are getting ready for bed. The city is lit by hundreds of lanterns and starry skies. Today the sky is full of moon, additionally adds warm lighting to dark alleys. Around the houses are planted with decorated bushes and cutting trees. Light is on in the room of the bank, the guard drinks his warm tea and makes a time walk. He did not expect his usual shift to be disturbed by late-night unwanted guests. The alarm went off, and the tenants jumped into the windows. The bandits mined the building and started shooting. The police are close.



Set of slot chararacters and symbols is represented below: Let’s start with theHish symbols –  The bonus symbol burns up and scatters the golden coins of the slot. Thanks to this sign you can open a new game and increase your savings. The scatter symbol represents the sheriff in a patrol car. He looks out of the window and attracts the free spins in an active game. Young policewoman, decorates the sign of wildness. She has taken out her handcuffs and is ready to replace the other symbols with her wild nature.

The bank van rushes with a huge amount of money. He is accompanied by patrol cars to deliver all the money to the bank in time. A few gold bars fall out of the bag and accentuate the attention of the bank workers. A bomb with a clock mechanism, assembled by the skilled hands of a scoundrel. Only a skilled deminer can defuse and defuse the bomb. The symbol of the bandit, the pot-bellied, chunky masked man, is causing an unpleasant sensation. Behind him is a sack of looted goods and a loaded gun in the other hand. He is very dangerous and capable of killing for profit. His partner and robber is a skinny tall kid. He’s very inexperienced and a lot of fuss. It was hard for him to put a bag of gold on his back, and he was just dragging him around. Service dog always find the bad man in the crowd, help find the bomb and catch the criminal by knocking him to the ground.

Low symbols are represented by the Latin letters of the bank safe. Unsealed and punctured by bullet holes, these letters add vigour to the slot. Playful colors, perfectly combined with expensive police signs.



Opening the bonus game gives you the opportunity to increase the chance to win in the new round. On the screen appears several safes, in which hidden cash treasures. Thanks to a skilled hand, we open safes and get extra winnings. If you fail to guess the correct safe, the sheriff appears and confiscates the reward.




The paytable describes the value and functions of the High symbols in the game. The bonus, in the number of three or more, will activate an additional round of the game. The Wild symbol replaces any symbol on the slot reel except Scatter. And Scatter symbol, numbering three or more, opens a new free spin game. Winning symbols will also be displayed in the table after each successful hand.







On the congratulatory splashscreens player can see information about receiving bonuses and winnings that will give free spins and bonuses. Light your grenade in a new level, blow up all the safes and get stunning prizes from the central bank. Catch all the robbers and become a reliable keeper of gold savings.