Slot machine for SALE – “Kitten in Mexico”

Slot machine for SALE – “Kitten in Mexico”




Kitten Themed online slot game

Mexico – unique country with incredible opportunities. These are the oldest monuments of Mayan and Aztec civilizations. It’s the birthplace of tequilla and mate. It’s a national cuisine savory flavored with hot pepper. Approaching this pristine world, you’ll witness a truly unique sight. The structure of the slot consists of 5 reels. A set of function buttons is provided for process control. The start button, made in the form of a bottle with tequila; enable or disable automatic mode, determine the amount of bets. According to the plot, the game symbols are attributes of Mexican culture: hot pepper, cactus, maracas, sombrero and, of course, one of the most popular dishes of Mexican cuisine – tacos. On the game reel there are symbols decorated in the appropriate style. To get a win, you need to collect a combination of at least 3 identical symbols. A large reward will bring 5 identical symbols. The protagonist is a kitten, located next to the reel. If you are interested in our new product, you can purchase it at our store –



All you can see are mountain peaks, golden sand, huge blue skies and a small island of an oasis, where our little and funny kitten is waiting and standing on a stone. A full range of sensations that defines what is happening as something completely surreal.



The symbols of the slot are very detailed and presented in the form of various thematic images and traditional multi-coloured royal symbols. The regular symbols – tacos – aren’t just a national dish, it is a peculiar symbol of Mexico; spicy, burning, appetising and burst of energy – hot pepper; maracas emotionally acting with the first stroke; multi-colored poncho and sombrero, which any Mexican has; cactus – without it it is difficult to imagine Mexico. And the high symbols are supplemented by a special ones: the main character of the game is a kitten playing the guitar (Wild); beautiful and cheerful decoration of any holiday – pinata (Scatter); skull, festival symbol for the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead – Kalaka (Bonus).



The bonus game is a real explosion of colors and no less interesting and original options. Kitten offers 25 balls lined up according to the 5×5 lines, each column is made in different colours. Each ball hides the extra  wining points.. This feature allows you to collect a substantial amount.



In the win-win bonus game you can try your luck  solving all the secret secrets and achieve success. You should only to “give five” to the kitten, and open the selected balls. Try to find the maximum scores.



The paytable is divided into three blocks. So, at the first one, pictures and values of special characters are indicated. In the role of the Bonus is the image of the skull. Three or more of these symbols  in one spin activate the bonus round. The main character, a kitten, is a wild symbol that can replace ordinary elements and helps to form a winning combination. The scatter symbol (scatter) appears randomly, occupying any position and starting free spins.



The second block contains the paytable of the main symbols: symbol image + number of symbols in combination = win amount. This diagram shows how much money player can win by collecting one specific combination in one spin. This table option is clear to any beginner.



The paytable for royal symbols are grouped in the third block. They are paid from three symbols in combination. Stylized royal symbols from jack to ace have the least significant odds, but more often than others are found on the reels of the slot.



At least three pinatas – a colorful ending to the game carnival with gifts that will take the player to free spins. Everyone will be able to try the fortune and eventually receive real payments without paying a cent, which the game will certainly notify the user.



A special notification will show to player the total winnings after free spins. Now you can drink OK tequila.



If you have collected three or more kalaka symbols, then by clicking on the OK button in the window, the game would go into the bonus round.



Bonus game will count up all the collected values and give an overall result. After clicking OK, the player will returns to the main game mode.


The slot machine contains a win-win mix, combining the theme of hot Mexico with high payouts, free spins and a bonus game. As a result, this slot game guarantees not only fascinating leisure time, but also frequent wins.