Slot machine for SALE – “Brazilian Carnival”

Slot machine for SALE – “Brazilian Carnival”




Brazilian Carnival

The Brazilian Carnival is an annual festival in Brazil. This fabulous carnival is the largest national holiday in the country and has some differences from carnivals, as in other countries. There are regional variations of celebration. The carnival is held forty days before Easter and marks the end of the preparatory period for the Great Lent. During the fast, Catholics focus on prayer and abstinence from bodily pleasures, from eating animal food. Year after year the carnival becomes brighter and richer dances and songs, there are new tunes and rhythms. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

Loud fireworks and fireworks reveal the fabulous world of the Brazilian slot reels. Thousands of lights illuminate the grand grand inscription of the «Brazilian Carnival» slot. Fascinating dancers in colorful outfits surround the reel, including the symbol control panel. The artistic rows of dancing and laughing symbols scattered throughout the screen. Color confetti separates each group of signs and podiums. In every purple rotation, in every fiery binding of figurines, a new unknown world of impressionable show opens. Grace and rhythm in balance. The bet and win window is in the center of the pedestal. Patterned spontaneous keys are automatic cool, flickering and glistening. The maximum bet in its full volume in the most visible place. The start key is decorated with gold and mother of pearl.



The main background: illustration is juicy and charming. Its juicy colors, inspire to victory. Bright neon flashes of light, illuminate the streets. Thousands of bright costumes and make-up flash before my eyes. A full day of enchantment comes to an end, and the holiday is still in full swing. Crowds of people want to watch the whole picture of wonderful images. People rejoice, songs flow river, endless windy dance chords. Stunning scale of the holiday. Carnival performances, storylines, a sea of positive and sincerely joyful emotions.



High slot symbols: the rider of the podium with the image of the deity, decorated with bright colors of bonus reincarnation. Thanks to this totem, you can bring the bonus level into the game. The bright screaming joker as a unique scatter card encourages people to watch a new spectacular show and get free spins in the competitive game. The bonus and scatter pull together and stimulate surprises and cash winnings. Flashing and powerful fireworks, in the center of the platform appears half-naked girl in feathers and colored flaps. This wild nature with its unique choreography and staging, replaces simple symbols with its presence.

Regular symbols: A huge podium with a group of green amber elephants is a symbol of Indian culture. Personifies dignity and power, predicts a fortunate fate and blesses the opening of streams of abundance. All the elephants lined up in a circle and lifted the trunk. Space patterns are applied to powerful animals. In the center on the pedestal dances Indian beauty. Colorful African podium surrounded by wild animals and large lizards. Jaguar, symbolizing the speed of reaction and the speed of movement, the Komodo dragon stands out as symbols of immortality and revenge. The Brazilian woman has changed into a wild dress and performs the dance of the peoples of Africa. The head of the black bull, decorated with flowers and various mini patterns. The symbol of the bull carries in itself the power of wisdom and knowledge. Golden horns, patronize lower mortals, elevating souls to heaven. The Chinese dragon, dropping its scales and opening its webbed wings, this transformation brought new luck to the game and disrupted the entire festival. One of the participants of the event took off her hat. Colored feathers caused an allergic itch, so she performs without a coat.

Low symbols: Simple Latin characters painted in the color of the holiday. Sprinkled with rhinestones and small feathers of wild birds. Perfectly balanced between the big symbols of the slot and enhance the exotic mood and active will open the reel.



The bonus game is represented by opening a window with colored feather fans, unfolding the desired object, you can find a certain joker of luck or joker of void. Each of the elegant dancers will help to succeed in this level of play.





In the pop up window appears a notice, if you have already run out of coins, you can for a certain amount of money to buy a coupon with playing coins and continue your carnival. For extra money, you can buy prize coins and try your luck again.






The paytables are decorated in the style of the festival and illuminated with additional spotlights. It will help the player and participant understand how the prize symbols work and what gifts can be obtained from their presence. It will write down each element of the holiday and show the line payouts of the slot.





Сongratulatory screens greet the players and foreshadow the appearance of bonus game. All the prizes won during the sea walk will be written on paper and transferred to the currency without problems. Opening a free spin level will help to multiply the already collected winnings.