Slot machine for SALE – “Hot Dancers”

Slot machine for SALE – “Hot Dancers”



Strip Dancing Themed slot machine

What only themes and plots doesn’t meet in modern slot machines. Sometimes the scene on the slot is a whole quest with the development of the original story, which brings new notes to the gameplay. Indeed, even experienced gamers in slot machines can find something that will pleasantly surprise them. It would seem that all the same slot machines: 5 reels, special characters and familiar gameplay. But with such a spicy turn of the plot, as a stripper on the screen, the usual process of the game begins to play with new colors. You can see our update on this kind of slots at our store –

Online Strip Tease Slot

The color scheme of the machine corresponds to the slot theme. On the screen – a kind of intimate twilight in combination with bright purple hues, which came into the game from the scene. Our developers in the choice of colors for the machine focused on the tastes of the target gaming audience: lilac-pink color is always among women among the favorites. The presented device can achieve the same popularity with the beautiful half of humanity as the Twerk slot machine among the male audience.


One of the main advantages of strip machines is that they never get bored. Slot symbols play a significant role in this, which should attract the attention of players. In this slot machine, the data, the symbols of the girls are very harmonious and diverse (for different tastes):


Further, on the following screens you can see the girls in more detail. In the picture below, we can see characters from the category “High” – Bonus, Wild and Scatter:


The remaining illustrations are used for the bonus game in which you have to choose the dancers:




On the screen below, we see an illustration of the background for the bonus game. She is divided into three sectors, in each of which there is a girl. The amount of the bonus will depend on the chosen dancer.