Slot machine for SALE – “Kangaroo”

Slot machine for SALE – “Kangaroo”



Kangaroo Themed online slot game


In an amazing country called Australia, unusual animals live … We offer to go on an exciting journey, get to know all the kangaroos, have a great time, and enjoy every moment of the game.. The video slot belongs to the category of 5-reel types. Icons are arranged in a 5×3 style. The symbolism is selected according to the plot. On the reels there are images of different kangaroos, each different in its character. Take a look, maybe you will recognize someone. Kangaroo uses a set of function keys to control the gameplay. Each contains an inscription indicating its purpose, with their help, the reels are launched, the game is switched to the auto-play mode, the bet level is adjusted. If you want to purchase this online slot game, you may do it at our store –



The action takes place against the background of the savannah, one of the wildest, uncharted territories. Looking into the distance, one gets the feeling that now someone from the inhabitants of this flora will surely appear. The color palette is harmoniously selected, which further immerses you in the atmosphere of the game.



The slot machine uses 12 different images of a kangaroo. Some belong to the lower level, part to the middle – are determined by the frame of different colors; the rest are for special ones: bonus, wild, scatter. Each object is drawn with detailed accuracy and cartoony ease.



Kangaroo uses a special symbol – Bonus, which activates the prize round. 12 closed cards will appear in the window, it is necessary to correctly determine what the main characters are hiding behind. For each card with an image, the participant receives a prize payment.




The cards show all the characters participating in the main reel game, only now you know their names. Try to find them all.



Slot machine Kangaroo conquers at a glance. Its cartoonish design gives the game the necessary lightness; not only young users, but also adults will play it with pleasure.