Slot machine for SALE – “Lucky Fishing”

Slot machine for SALE – “Lucky Fishing”



Lucky Fishing

Beautiful sunny day, the sea is quiet and calm, fishing vessel has already arrived at the destination. At this time of year, it is best to do fishing or just leave the rod at your pleasure. Flocks of small fish circle around the boat, round and flat, elongated and chubby. Their color is colorful and fascinating. The food is already thrown into the water, fish are fussing and eat it. A couple of rods are installed and fixed. The chief fisherman drew his lucky spinning rod, its purpose was to lure something big and preferably not predatory. One day he caught a baby swordfish, but let go back, too small and young fish. He easily pulled tuna and mackerel out of the water. He always rejoiced at the capture of the red bass.

But today he has the desire to catch a fish that he has never seen before. The “Lucky Fishing” slot charms you with its colours and its large marine population. Each fish brings success to its hunter, any icon or symbol enhances the victory mode. Spontaneous bonuses and free spins are easy to catch on winnings combinations. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –


The fascinating reel “Lucky Fishing” attracts the newest fisherman. The inscription in golden shades decorated with floats and hooks. There is a fishing line and a fishing net wrapped around it. On the sides are metal posts, hooks are touching and ringing. In the middle of the reel are stretched strong thick lines with colored floats, they divide all marine symbols into groups and form clear stable rows for each angler-amateur.



The main background: The sandy bottom is dotted with small deposits of rocks and coral reefs. The lost necklace has already faded and covered with shells. Bright coral forests create an atmosphere of maximum volume. Unusual blue-green algae of whimsical shape braid every stone. They hide the newly born fish hatchlings.



High slot symbols: Two amazing double hook wobblers in wild style. Small bells adorn every artificial fish. Wildness is able to replace the rest of the symbols in the combination and help improve the slot line. The lifeline is in bonus mode. It has anchors and ropes. The fishing net caught a couple of sea stars and brought a lucky bonus game and reliable cash prizes to the winner. The shell opens and you can see a beautiful pearl inside. The scatter symbol accumulates extra spins.

Regular symbols: Everyone dreams of catching their goldfish and making three wishes. The blue surgeon is a ray-fin fish who prefers to live on the outer slope of the reef and in the crevices of the rocks. He feeds mainly on plankton or algae. Pearl gurami or purple horseman, one of the most beautiful representatives of labyrinth fish. In the thickness of the water glows pearl color with a lilac ebb. Chinese goldfish from the genus mini-karashes.



Latin letters as low slot symbols: brilliant polished sides of the symbol, wonderfully combined with a group of jellyfish, squid and lobster. The squid is scared, releases ink and hides behind the letters, while the jellyfish just looks around and hugs the symbol.  The three colored deep stars are decorated with spikes. This wonderful invertebrate is a predator. He likes to eat shellfish, sea ducks and worms.



Animation of all marine creatures is alive and saturated. Wobblers flicker and show their wild nature catcher. Stars multiply savings and increase capital. The lobster falls out of the symbol and pinches the fish by the tail. Colored seafaring friends, flip their fins and head towards the fisherman. Roll the lap and catch a lucky bonus. The shell opens and reveals its riches and charms. Medusa quietly floats around the letter and creates a mild bubble atmosphere.


The aquatic logo «Lucky Fishing» melted into the whole screen. The tree swelled in water and the letters became even more voluminous. The jingle of bells attracts large fish. The hooks are brand new before they even got wet and caught the prey by the fin. One bright float got caught in the logo and added a glimmer of the name.



The beginning of the bonus game, on the screen appear sea bubbles filled with air. There are several attempts to pop the ball and see what is hidden inside. The winnings may be multiplied several times or simply remain the same, provided that the bubble was empty. The fish strained and waited for fresh accumulations.




There was chaos and confusion on the seabed. The fish were afraid that the fisherman had caught everyone. In the window of congratulations appears the sum of the winnings. The catch was excellent and quite successful. You can take all the water gifts or stay and continue the sea adventure and a little more fishing.


The fishing season is over, the reel is empty. But every time the spins start, it is filled with new sea creatures. Make your best swim and conquer the water element. Find your best fish and collect cash prizes with our online slot.