Slot machine for SALE – “Golden Touch”

Slot machine for SALE – “Golden Touch”




Luxury Themed online slot game

Our new online casino slot «Golden Touch» is full and rich. At all times, the lust for gold has brought power, aspiration and confidence. Each touch of the golden ingot can ignite the fire of faith in one’s own strength. Emphasize the financial belonging to a higher society. The desire to own expensive metal is changing the mindset, turning weakness into strength, instability into reliability and prosperity. By collecting gold bars from our online casino, you can always succeed in new beginnings. The ability to see the result ahead will enlarge and multiply the channel of fart. In each symbol lies the eternal power of the past, its knowledge and the absolute. The perfect and unconditional potential of signs motivates its holder. Collect all your gold lines and unlock bonus rounds using free spins for your own purposes. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The impressive gold drum holds a sea of prizes and expensive ingots. From above, the inscription «Golden Touch» surrounded by monograms emphasizes the power of money. The whole screen glows and shimmers, dazzling the glow of gold coins. Gold-plated patterns are applied around the drum perimeter. The frame is powerful and flawless. There are many precious stones polished by the time and forces of nature. Rows are limited by golden rods to the standard of the rich man. The control panel is like a monolith. The one-piece golden piece captured all the gifts of the mountains. The balance and win windows are organized and create a reliable foundation of the machine. Start key worthy millionaire. Performs the launch of gold symbols and places them in the best version. The ability of the bet to change at the request of the host, gives the opportunity to work maximum in full.


The background opens the curtain of the casino game. A full room of people who like to test their luck. The heavy curtain opens up opportunities for gamblers, inspiring confidence in winning. The red color of the canvas ignites the fire of fortune and turns the wheel of success in the right direction. The golden shower showers its winner with cash prizes. Each touch of the beautiful, gives the opportunity to become richer and more solid. Expensive fabrics emphasize the symbolism of «Golden Touch».


The symbols are divided into categories. A large elegant gold-plated figure seven, simply flawless. Its happy curves are filled with luck to the tiniest element. The ability to bring victory is embedded within this trustworthy sign. The image of a young girl in a separate screen. Charming and promising young lady, gives luck to her companion player. She is like a mascot, bringing victory in every spin of the reel. The expanded symbol of this young person will show us her beauty in full height. The fashionable brand dress highlights the beauty of her figure. Neatly arranged hair can tell about her delicacy and attention to detail. Transparent golf courses are simply an addition to the image. In the background it is showered with money – this is clearly a symbol of success.

Cut diamond, simply chic and unique. In each facet is a happy combination of circumstances, the right move and the right action. Spinning the stone can see the dazzling light of prosperity. The bonus element on the table is filled with stacks of dollars and bullion of gold. Having more than three such signs, you can open an additional game and increase your savings to lawlessness.


The expensive gold leaf mark is multiplying. The inscription «gold» is highlighted on the main field and helps the symbol to win and become the leader in the column of all iconic symbols. The reliable symbol «pure» is strewn with figures of infinity. It shimmers in the sun and quite weighted. The symbol of the golden girl strewn with rhinestones, as an addition to other symbols. Refined and graceful figure, just a cute element. The pendant «GD» speaks of wealth. The restraint of the sign is filled with pronounced expression. The billionaire shovel is undoubtedly made of gold and platinum. It is his reliable symbol of power and wealth.


The animation of the symbols is bright and dignified. The expanded symbol reveals how the poster and the girl in it smiles and scatters money. The diamond approaches and spins up all possible options. The Happy Seven is confidently rushing forward, pushing the other signs around them. The bonus symbol counts the money and rings gold. The signs of «gold» turn and turn into «pure». The girl of gold all glows and shines. The shovel just diggs and gets new money. The pendant swings to the side, increasing the cash flow.



The wild symbol unlocks its potential every time you touch it. Bills fly and fall around the girl and her hands are full of stacks of dollars. She winks at the player, believing in his victory.



The bonus level is represented by the curtain screen. We are given the opportunity to open the curtains several times and see what is inside. With the right choice, all is showered with money and the win multiplied by a certain amount of bonus.



Bonus game animation looks like this. The girl waits for your turn, then the curtain opens and a lot of money falls out. Beauty, rejoices and applauds your victory, and the information window congratulates you and announces the amount of winnings.



Frame animation is filled with luminosity and twinkling of individual drum elements. Light passes along the whole frame and returning illuminates the inscription «Golden Touch».



Popup will tell you about the confirmation bonus game and the expensive gold prizes that you will receive in this round. The dark background emphasizes nobility and courage.


Logo splashscreen is made in detail and carefully. Each monogram is drawn quite clearly and voluminous.