Slot machine for SALE – “Empire of Gauls”

Slot machine for SALE – “Empire of Gauls”



 Gauls Themed online slot machine

Shamans, sorcerers, alchemists, witchers… At all times, humanity is inclined to believe in people with supernatural abilities that can open up new opportunities for us. Who knows, maybe sages-wizards really lived on Earth and they kept amazing recipes for magical infusions in their ancient books. Or now they live in some kind of parallel worlds. I wish I could try a potion of luck, for example! But you can get a bottle with an amazing solution without traveling between worlds! It is enough to start playing in the Magical potions slot – and magic will burst into everyday life like a whirlwind. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –



The game reels recreate the life of the Gauls. The decoration uses wooden textures. The top of the frame is designed like the roof of a traditional Gaul village house. Even the decoration of the two crossed figures is the same. The control buttons imitate the wooden shields of the Gauls with coats of arms applied to them. The “Start” button is made in the form of a large wooden board. The reel structure is standard: five symbols in three horizontal lines.



The slot has two game backgrounds. On one we see a Gaul village from afar. The emphasis here is on the scenic surroundings. You can see green meadows, trees, hills. It can be seen that the village is surrounded by a wooden palisade.



The second version of the background shows the houses of the Gauls in detail. Attentive players will notice the artful stonework, cozy wooden shutters and, of course, notice the shield on the central house. A guard post for sentries is also visible here.



Scatter symbol – a bubble with the famous Gauls potion. It is this tool that bestows extraordinary strength and speed, increases all human capabilities many times over. Of course, the potion itself and its recipe are constantly being hunted by numerous rivals of the Gauls.

Wild symbol is Obelix’s favorite dog. He is as much a full-fledged participant in history as the Gauls we already know. White doggie with brown spots – charm itself! Both of these symbols are framed in a round frame with green leaves.

Regular symbols are characters of history. There is also the giant Obelix, and Asterix in his famous horned helmet, and the beautiful Cleopatra, and the wise druid, of course. In addition, we once again meet the dog (but without the additional design in the form of a round frame). And one more symbol – a pig on a skewer, which is fried over an open fire. Remember that Gauls are brave warriors. This means that they eat accordingly.

Low symbols – traditional lettering of cards. These symbols look like wooden shields with letters printed on them.



Animated screens have traditionally been more lively. The bottle of potion sparkles and shimmers. The puppy happily opens its mouth and sticks out its tongue in a friendly manner.


Cleopatra waves her hand regally and we see that she is playing with a ruby. Asterix slyly twists his mustache. The druid enjoys the scent of the flower and seems to have forgotten about his staff.


Shields with letters rotate quickly and reflect sparks.


In case of Free Spins, the congratulatory screen looks like a wooden fence with a target attached to it. An arrow holds a scroll with a congratulatory inscription, and oak leaves and acorns flaunt around the scroll.



The animated screen shows that scroll with the inscription is falling, and a well-aimed bow shot is pinning it with an arrow to the shield.

In the event of a Big win, a large golden greeting inscription appears. Gold coins and oak leaves are scattered around the inscription.



The paytable is designed on a Gaul village in the background. The meaning of each symbol is written on plates with imitation of wooden boards.



On all subsequent congratulatory screens, the playing field is darkened, a shield with oak leaves and a scroll with a congratulatory inscription appear. The Ok button is designed as a green shield.